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Where Have Our Minds Gone?

Updated on December 12, 2011

A Nation Dies

At first thought, it's nice to know that we as Americans have made so many breakthroughs that we're living longer than ever. Males live to an average age of about 74 and women to an age of about 77, which some would say is pretty good. Well I have some reasons why I don't think the averages are high enough to brag about.

It seems to be the American Way to work for about 40 or so years and then retire. I just want to look at this scenario of a man, let's call him Earl. Earl has worked hard all of his life and saved up for retirement. At the age of 64, Earl has retired from the company he spent the past 40 years with. Lets say Earl lives to the average age of 74, that gives him 10 years to enjoy retirement. 40 years of labor, 10 years to relax.

The major problem is that many Americans are spending their last years in and out of the hospital, which takes away from Earl enjoying what he spent 40 years working so hard for. Though the average person lives past the age of 70, the average 60 year old can't go for a power walk and at one time that was understandable, but after seeing people much older playing sports, I think the average 60 year old should be able to go for a.mile run.

Educated Choices

If there were only healthy choices for food at the grocery store, people would generally be healthier, but starvation would be at an all-time high. There are some who are so bent on making people eat healthier that they want fast food chains to pack up and leave, but obviously that won't happen and isn't necessary for people to make better choices.

It's one thing to see someone who struggles with weight problems order a large combo meal, but when the drink they get is diet, that to me shows an uninformed decision. In my opinion, if you're going to drink soda, drink regular soda, but these companies make huge profits from diet drinks which have been proven to have adverse health affects.

There's too much junk being thrown out there and called healthy. Just because Sunny D has 100% vitamin C, doesn't mean it's healthy, it just means theres vitamins floating with all that sugar. The easiest way I've found to determine the quality of food is to read the ingredients label and determine from there if it's worth getting. Another method has been, the further it is from how God made it, the less healthy it is.

People should know what they're eating and all-natural shouldn't be on the label of anything that's unnatural.

We Forgot About Exercise

There is one fact that remains across the board. Everybody's different and has different needs and no 2 bodies operate exactly the same. While one person will get sick from eating almonds another person sees a great boost in health from eating them. The thing that Americans fail in the greatest is exercise. There are world class athletes who eat junk and I would never advocate doing so, but they can perform well because they maintain a high level of fitness.

When I hear people mocking the idea that exercise makes people live longer, I get upset because I see people taking pride in unhealthy living. I know that there are a lot of people out there promoting the concept of being thin and unfortunately women are bombarded with the concept of super-models having perfect bodies. The point of exercising is not for everyone to look skinny, but to build stronger bones, stronger muscles, improve heart function, reduce stress, and ultimately live healthier longer.

Exercise doesn't have to mean a gym membership, it can mean biking to work, doing push-ups after getting out of bed, going for a walk, or whatever it takes to get the body moving. It's sad to see people become weak and helpless when spending a little time doing what the body was designed to do could've made a world of difference. The goal which should come before any retirement vacation home should be to prolong wellness.

If I don't take care of my body, I'll lose my mind, because my mind and my body are one. You should never think you have too much going on for exercise. You are important too so take care of your body.


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