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Where To Buy African Mango Diet Pills?

Updated on May 13, 2011

Important Information For Potential African Mango Buyers

Since dr. Oz recommended African Mango diet pills in his TV show there's a huge increase in the interest of this natural supplement. From doctors to Hollywood celebrities, everybody seems to be enthusiastic about it.

The medicinal and slimming benefits of the Irvingia gabonensis tree on which these mango's grow have long been known by the inhabitants of Cameroon. Only just recently this knowledge has become widespread available.

Sometimes it is, probably a bit overdone, referred to as the best kept secret of Africa. But this newly discovered product does actually have some very powerful weight loss benefits.

Everybody seems to want these pills to help them shed those pounds. Especially since the exotic substance shows to work on several levels. Not only can it help you get in shape, it has some additional health benefits. More about this in a bit.

This page is about what to keep in mind when you want to buy African mango diet pills.

Dr. Oz Recommends to Buy African Mango

It was in September of last year (2010) that the renowned TV doctor Mehmet Oz stated in his show that African Mango extract can help you quickly lose 10 pounds.

He also called the extract derived from the nuts of the African mango a: “miracle in your medicine cabinet”.

Furthermore he mentioned that it is "safe, natural, and effective" and “African Mango is a breakthrough supplement”

African 'Miracle Fruit' Has Many Uses

Historically, various parts of the Irvingia gabonensis plant have been used by the indigenous people of the Western coasts of Northern Africa.

The fruit itself (similar to common mangoes) was eaten. The fibrous, protein-rich seeds, commonly referred to as Dika nuts were used to increase stamina, stimulate the digestion process. The aromatic nuts traditionally belong to West African culinary tradition..

The bark and leaves of the Bush mango or Wild mango, as the tree is called also, were used in folklore medicine. As with other natural sources such as the Baobab it is regularly used to gain energy and suppress a hungry feeling. Apart from that it is also used to treat infections and other ailments.

What To Keep In Mind When You Want To Buy African Mango Pills

First of all you have to look at the dosage. Clinical studies have demonstrated that a dosage of 150 mg was administered twice daily before meals to overweight and/or obese human volunteers.

One 2005 study published in Lipids Health Digest found that it "favorably impacts body weight and a variety of parameters characteristic of the metabolic syndrome' Therefore keep in mind that the capsules contain approximately the same amount of the active ingredient.

Also make sure to check out the reviews, if available. The African Mango products on Amazon for example, a selection to the left, are not all reviewed very well.

The mixed reviews may also be grounded in the fact that some people think that these pills work like a miracle. With no dietary adjustments or no exercising at all you won't lose weight with any pill or product.

Buy African Mango in Local or Online Stores?

The past decades extracts from the African mango nuts have been investigated by modern science. Previously these diet pills were only available online. Because nowadays it has been found safe and effective more and more local stores are taking it into their assortment.

There are various online retailers such as vitamin shops and dieting stores. In order to get the best product make sure to look if it is clinically tested and if the ingredients are all natural.

When you buy online there are several benefits such as the ability to compare prices and shipping rates easily. Also make sure to check if there's a money back guarantee and customer support. Shipping times are another thing to keep in mind. If you are motivated to lose weight now you don't want to have to wait a few weeks in order to get your supplement.

Experts Agree: African Mango Does Work Even Better When Combined

The weight loss benefits of African Mango pills are enhanced when combined with certain other nutrients and phytonutrients ("nutrient from a plant").

  • The extract of Rhodiola rosea and N-acetyl-carnitine work on the sensitivity of the receptors for leptin, making them perceive the matter quickly;
  • Fucoxanthine, guarana extract and green tea extracts stimulate the metabolism and thermogenesis;
  • Chromium, benfotiamine, chlorogeenzuren from green coffee extract and caffeine from guarana ensure that blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity in balance, reducing the chance that fat storage is reduced.
  • Fucoxanthine and L-tyrosine ensure a healthy thyroid function.

These nutrients, combined with Irvingia gabonensis are ideally suited for successfully obtaining and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Where To Buy African Mango Plus

African Mango Plus is a product that has some additional ingredients known to provide a synergistic effect.

According to the manufacturer it contains the following ingredients:

  • African Mango Extract
  • Chromium (as polynicotimate)
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate)
  • Caffeine
  • L-Theanine

Chromium is thought to have a positive effect on insulin, and to stimulate melting of fat. Also present naturally in nuts, whole grains, geen beans, and broccoli.

EGCG is a polyphenol found in green tea and condsidered responsible for its wide variety of positive health benefits such as the ability to lower total cholesterol levels, increase antioxidant activity in the blood,and help lose weight.

Caffeine has demonstrated to have a positive effect on weight loss but moderate use is recommended.

L-Theanine has a calming effect on the body while also boosts energy. Also thought to help reduce food cravings.

African Mango Plus not only well reviewed, they also offer a money-back guarantee and a free weight loss fitness program membership. For buying or more info click here.

How Does African Mango Work?

Studies in which subjects taking the mango extract lost an average of 12.3 pounds in 28 days have shown that the active ingredient, derived from the African Mango fruit seeds, helps:

  • boost metabolism
  • lowers cholesterol levels (studies demonstrated a 39% reduction in cholesterol as a result of using African Mango extract)
  • increases good cholesterol also called HDL
  • suppresses appetite
  • decreases blood sugar levels (stimulates insulin sensitivity)
  • increases stamina and energy levels since it’s a natural energy booster,

Exercising, in any form, helps with weight loss.
Exercising, in any form, helps with weight loss. | Source

Step Up Your Physical Activity

One small critical note. Do realize that diet pills are not an all-in-one solution. Using such supplements needs to be done in combination with an adjusted, or healthier, diet.

Also exercising, or increasing physical activity, is crucial for success both on the short and long term.

Studies and Clinical Trials on African Mango Diet Pills

A Lipids Health & Disease publication reported about the discovery that test persons taking African mango extract were able to lose 12 pounds in a month time. The overweight subjects were given 150 mg twice daily before meals. The study showed that the extract

"favorably impacts body weight and a variety of parameters and characteristic of the metabolic syndrome."

In addition, users of the supplement noticed a body fat decrease by 6.3%. Researchers suspect these positive results are due to changes to fat stimulating and fat producing hormone levels. African Mango is has a very high soluble fiber content which works as a laxative. The pills have also shown to delay stomach emptying, which leads to increased absorption of dietary sugars. Thus, post-meal blood sugar levels are reduced.

Looking for an Alternative? The Most Powerful Non-Prescription Fat Burner:

If you are looking for the most effective weight loss supplements available also check out the most powerful, non-prescription and legal fat burner: Phen375. Here's more general info on this pharmaceutically produced supplement and info on where to buy phen375.


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