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Best Place To Buy Pregnancy Tests

Updated on June 12, 2012
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I spent 3 years researching fertility for my own benefit which finally resulted in having a healthy baby in 2014.

Buying Pregnancy Tests

If you have been trying to get pregnant and so you know your cycle every month and when you get to about a week after ovulation you are starting to get the testing itch then you may be, like a quite a few people, a POASaholic!

For other people it may be that they think they might be pregnant and want to find out where the best places to buy cheap pregnancy tests are.

Well the way to be able to buy cheap pregnancy tests is to buy them in advance. Unfortunately for a lot of people this is not possible as you may suddenly realise that your period has not arrived and you have been having pregnancy symptoms and you need to test there and then.

However, if you are trying to get pregnant then it is easy to put yourself out of your misery in terms of knowing if you are pregnant or not buy buying cheap pregnancy tests in advance and thus getting them at the best rates.

Cheap pregnancy test strips mean that you can keep testing for very little money. Any second line like this indicates that you are pregnant.
Cheap pregnancy test strips mean that you can keep testing for very little money. Any second line like this indicates that you are pregnant.

Which Kind of Pregnancy Test?

Well there are 3 main kinds of tests really as follows:

Pregnancy Test Strips
These are the cheapest pregnancy tests and they are simply small strips that you dip in a sample of your urine for 10 seconds and then leave for 10 minutes to see if a second line appears. These tests are very sensitive (usually they are the most sensitive that you can get at 10miu) and so can give results at a very early stage. The problem is that the earlier that you use them to test, the more that you have to squint at them to see if there is a second line and then you might start seeing things! People have seen faint lines on these from 6dpo but this is very rare. If you really want to start testing early then it is probably better not to test until at least 8dpo and even then a line will likely be very faint. Don't give up hope if you do not see any second line as some people do not get a positive test until much later.

If you want to be prepared and to test every month then these tests are cheap enough to buy a load and pretty much test every day until your period is due.

Standard Pregnancy Tests
The next lot of pregnancy tests after the small strips encompasses a wide variety of makes and manufacturers. In the UK many of the supermarkets have their own brand of tests as well as the tests from well know brands such as First Response and Clearview.

These tests rely on you either holding the dipping end in your stream of urine or else dipping the stick itself into a cup of your urine for 10 seconds or so. Sometimes these tests are not as sensitive as the cheap pregnancy test strips (they are often 20miu) so you may need to wait until a little longer (maybe 10-12dpo) until you start testing. The First Response Early Result pregnancy tests have consistently been shown to have the most accurate results of all of these kind of tests so they might be the best ones to go for. However, they are not cheap and so you need to shop around to get the best price for them. In the UK they cost around £9.99 for a pack of 2 tests in the supermarkets so if you can think in advance and order them beforehand then you can get a better price for them online. Amazon UK have them for sale currently at £6.39 for two. Check out the links below for Amazon US.

Standard supermarket brands are cheaper but may be less reliable according to tests that have been carried out. You should also look out for tests with blue dye as these have been know to give false positives.

Digital tests will show the words 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant' for the avoidance of any doubt.
Digital tests will show the words 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant' for the avoidance of any doubt.

Digital Pregnancy Tests

Digital pregnancy tests are great if you want to avoid any doubt as to whether you are pregnant or not. They also involve a 10 second dip or holding in a stream of urine and then you need to wait for the result for a few minutes. However, the result will be shown in the window as 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant' to avoid any doubt. It is better to use these from the day your period is due although they may show up sooner. However, if you get a not pregnant before this then you may be left in doubt as to whether you did the test too early!

In the UK you can also buy the digital pregnancy tests that tell you how far along you are - there are 3 options: 'Pregnant 1-2'. 'Pregnant 2-3' and 'Pregnant 3+'. Pregnant 1-2 indicates the time from conception, so essentially you would be counted as 3-4 weeks pregnant. Likewise Pregnant 2-3 would indicate 4-5 weeks from your last menstrual period (although it does depend on when you ovulated). Unfortunately these dating digital pregnancy tests are not for sale in the US. It is also cheaper to buy the digital tests online than in the shops generally.

Buying Pregnancy Tests on eBay

You may also be able to pick up cheap pregnancy tests on eBay - not only can you find brand new items sold by manufacturers and retailers, but also there may be tests that people have leftover if they have got pregnant and no longer need them. Check out some of the items below.


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