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Why Home/Mobile Fitness Works In Singapore

Updated on October 26, 2010

Singapore Fitness Professionals Who Provide Home/Mobile Fitness Services

Home fitness and wellness programs have taken the little Republic of Singapore by storm - as more and more people - from all walks of life - partake in the experience, beauty and convenience of having a Personal Trainer, a Yoga Instructor, a Pilates Teacher or even a Sports Massage Therapist - right at their doorsteps.

With Singapore Home/Mobile Fitness Programs, savings in TIME and COST are the most often accrued benefits: as individuals no longer need to waste time commuting to and from gyms/studios, nor do they have to pay - often exorbitant & hidden costs - to workout at a training facility. Also, PRIVACY and CONVENIENCE are often a given, when one chooses to have his/her workouts at home or even at one's own apartment private gym.

To critics that often deride home or mobile training as being inferior to training in a proper gym or studio due to the lack of "proper" equipment, they have completely missed the point.

Training is a SCIENCE - and equipment are merely tools used to assist the trainer/coach in performing his/her task.... They are NOT and NEVER meant to be the Be-All or End-All of fitness programs or designs.

In fact, it is now widely-recognized within the fitness industry that the BETTER a trainer is, the LESS he/she requires in terms of equipment to help a client get in shape!!! Invariably, the BEST coaches, trainers and instructors around the world often have the SIMPLEST yet most WORKABLE solutions for their clients.

And unless one is truly into some serious/competitive/performance sports that necessitates the use of specialized equipment in training (such as competitive powerlifting, serious weightlifting etc etc ), , there is really NO compelling reason for the average man/woman on the streets to require access to any gym equipment in order to get in shape...

Often it is a combination of one's IGNORANCE ,and SLEEK MARKETING on the part of these commercial fitness facilities that perpetuate the notion that one needs "complex", "glitzy" or even "space-age" type of fitness machinery to get into tip-top physical condition.

Thankfully, in recent years, the fitness/wellness authorities have realized the fallacy of over-relying on equipment in physical conditioning, and have been actively exhorting trainers and instructors to gear themselves towards Functional Bodyweight Training, or to utilize an Eclectic Fitness Approach - where the body is toned and sculpted using portable devices like medicine balls, kettlebells, bands, tubings and other hand-held gadgets - all of which are "Standard Gear" for most mobile/home fitness providers anyway - who are more than happy to lug them to your location.

With a wide range of home/mobile fitness providers to choose from here in Singapore, you can now start pursuing the body/fitness of your dreams - without even stepping out of your home, office or workplace. With benefits that far outweigh any concerns, any wonder that more and more people are joining in the FUN ?

Be part of the Worldwide Home/Mobile Fitness Movement - even here in Singapore - and experience the joys and benefits for yourself.



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