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Where To Find Singapore Private Home Fitness Trainers Or Mobile Wellness Instructors

Updated on October 2, 2010

Finding Your Ideal Private Home Fitness Or Mobile Wellness Provider In Singapore

With the rise of affluence and a corresponding change in lifestyle, more and more fitness enthusiasts in Singapore are now opting for home or mobile training at their very own private premises, while eschewing the hassle and hustle of working-out at a public gym facility/studio.

To most people in Singapore, home or mobile training makes tremendous sense as it offers a slew of benefits no commercial gym/studio can ever hope to duplicate. These include: personal privacy, time-savings, absolute convenience, and of course, a sense of social eliteness that comes with having a personal or private, in-home coach to guide you in your health, fitness and wellness pursuits - one-to-one - right in the comfort of your own home.

To meet this demand for in-home mobile training, an entire niche of Singapore Home Mobile Fitness Service Providers has sprouted up in the last couple of years.These service providers are made up primarily of private, freelance or independent fitness and wellness specialists who transverse the island providing their mobile in-house services to discerning consumers. The range of these in-home services are indeed diversified and may range from the norm like personal fitness training to individual Yoga/Pilates sessions, to the more exotic like personalised sports massage or even private self-meditation classes.

To locate and engage the services of these professional mobile home service providers in Singapore, the following means would come in handy:

  1. The Internet: The easiest and fastest way to locate any private home fitness/wellness provider is to use the number one search engine in the world - GOOGLE. When googling, make sure you search on keywords pertaining to your geographical location as well as your fitness needs. For example, you should always include phrases like "Singapore", "Home Fitness" , "Mobile Fitness" etc in your search process. A good example of a search-specific phrase would be "Singapore Mobile Fitness Services" or "Singapore Home Fitness Providers". These would usually yield the results you want.
  2. Via Recommendations: If you have friends, acquaintances, colleagues or relatives who have good experiences in using the services of certain home mobile fitness providers, you may ask them for their opinions, referrals, or recommendations. Most of the time, they should be able to provide you with some good leads, or even specific contacts.
  3. Classified Ads: Classified ads in your local newspapers, regional magazines, or even neighbourhood newsletters would also be good places to look for providers of home mobile fitness services.
  4. Fitness Directories Or Guides: Whether online or offline, Singapore-Specific Fitness Or Wellness Directories and Guides are another great place to source for home fitness services and providers. The advantage of using this source of information is that it usually also provides you with an extensive list of relevant service providers for you to compare and choose from.
  5. Bulletin Boards: Bulletin boards located in downtown cafes, shopping malls, community clubs, private country clubs or even your own condominium complex are also good places to scan for the availability of private freelance trainers and instructors - many of whom make use of these boards to pin up their name cards or business contact information.
  6. Trainers, Instructors Or Coaches: The most direct way to obtain the contact details of these home mobile fitness/wellness providers is of course to approach them - DIRECTLY - yourself! These private home trainers or instructors could often be seen training other clients in your residential area, your condominium gym, around your neighbourhood park, or even at the nearest outdoor fitness corner. Do note though - as part of courtesy and social etiquette - to approach these trainers or coaches only AFTER they have completed their training, or during a BREAK in their coaching, so as not to disrupt their on-going session.

With the range, quality and diversity of home mobile fitness/wellness services available in Singapore today, now, more than ever before, is the best time for one to experience - first hand - the benefits of home mobile training.

May we invite you to hop onto the bandwagon and enjoy the ride yourself!


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