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Where can one find organically grown produce - At The Park Slop Food Coop.

Updated on June 22, 2010
Organic food stores are equally important as drugs stores
Organic food stores are equally important as drugs stores
Eat Organic it will heal you
Eat Organic it will heal you

If you are what you eat than what you not is what you don't eat.

Good nutrient in the body help maintain proper oxidation in addition to a variety of heath related support. However, the problem is where can one find nutritious food. And can we actually trust all organic distributors to be totally honest with us.

It is rather a naïve assumption for one to have when assumed that large supermarkets will not deceive their consumers on organic produce as if all produce that are labeled organic hold true to their names. If that was the case, they would not have been any need for food coops which make certain that the produce purchased are organically certify as being so. Just because the apple was found benighted the apple tree doesn't mean no one couldn't have placed it there. Likewise, who to say that all produce that are labeled organic at the supermarket are truly organic, don't we have the right to be suspicious?

For those of us who shop at food coops, it is clearly noticeable that large chain supermarkets sales their organic produce way above the price of that of the coop. This by itself is a discouragement to the consumer and not knowing whether or not the food is truly organic is another one.

As they say, where there’s a will there’s a way. It is reasonable to assume that if there are a demand for organically grown produce a demand to falsely misrepresent it exists. Therefore, we must take a different approach into purchasing organic produce. And that approach is through food coops and other supermarkets that investigate their supplier’s plant, factories and business conducts.

What is not apparent to the customer is that not every organic produce can be properly labeled with the USDA tag. Some produce like lettuce and parsley requires a labeled twist that tie around the parsley, stating that it’s USDA approved. How certain is that depends on that particular supermarket. For most of you, if they were to sale you regular lettuce for organic ones you might not have notice any difference. For most customers they automatically expect organic to cost more regardless of the distributor or condition at hands, therefore anything that is organic to them is automatically predicted to cost more than none organic.

Unlike the convenient supermarket, the organic produce that is distributed at the Park Slop Food Coop does not have to be more expansive than the regular food sold at the convenient supermarket just because they're organic. At the food coop, prices are determine base on agricultural season, merchant price and accessibility. The price we pay for organic produce are the same price you pay for none - organic produce at the supermarket. We sale a variety of different produce among which some are imported, thus it’s not easy to meet the demand of our members, but we do strive nonetheless to achieved that goal.

Of Course there are times when some produce are out of season, if we normally gets them from local farmers, it may not be available this time around, but that will depends on the season. However, if we can get that same produce from overseas we’ll get it, except this time it might cost our members a little more because of transportation fees and taxes.

The advantage for buying at the coop is that as a member, you are part owner as well as part of the working team that helps maintain the organic produce at a reasonable price. If you take the price it is sold for at the regular supermarket compare with health food stores, the food coop is clearly a much reasonable place to buy organic produce. However, I would not discount local venders and some supermarkets that strive to compete with food coops.

Park Slop Food Coop
Park Slop Food Coop

A Health Food Store with a large selection of fresh organic and locally grown produce and vegetables.

On an economic stand point, we know that the greatest cost of production is labor. Labor is that which cause price to increase. Employers have to pay property insurance, health care insurance, equipments - all of those contributes to the cost of production. In this particular case, the coop has managed to reduce one of its greatest cost by having members who are part owners help reduce the labor cost through the exchange of their services for price reduction.

The labor cost is reduce by having members of the coop help do part of the work. Please bare with me here, by work I mean four hrs a month which is really nothing, because by the time you start working, it's already time to go home. This is not your typical work environment, the people there are all friendly and interesting and that makes the four hrs goes by quickly.

The way the coop has managed to involve their members into reducing the labor cost is an ingenious one. It's as if you’re not really working, and the reason why that is, it’s because you only work four hrs a month. And not only will it be a great experience working at the coop, but there you’ll encounter some incredible people, people of good faith and like minds. Think about it, if you’re truly into eating healthy would you not want to meet others like yourself who care about their health. That is precisely what I’m promoting to you here, an environment that is saturated with healthy friendly people like yourself who cares about their health.

One can find organic produce almost anywhere. However, its availability may be limited from one geographic location to the next. And where ever organic produce are limited, the next coop will evolve. In my corner stone of the geographic world, health food stores are becoming the next Duane Reade, they exist even in the hood. As for me, I am a loyal member of the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn which tries to make healthy, affordable food available to everyone who wants it. And as long I've been there, they have always try their best to supply their members with what ever it is they want.

Now, if you're interested, and like to acquire more information I have provided you with the link above and below. To become a member you must pay an initial fee which will gain you some number of shares in the company. This investment will then makes you part owner and that money is reimbursable if in case you decide to leave the coop. Once you have become a member, you will then be scheduled to work four hrs a month to keep your membership status. As we have explained to you, this is a collaboration type of service, nothing is mandatory on your part except those four hrs. If you are truly serious about eating healthy this route is for you, because those that understand the importance of healthy eating regard the coop as the healing store.

Now, just so you understand better, there are different 4 hrs shifts ranging from 7 AM to 11:30 midnight. You choose the 4 hr shift that is best for you providing that it's available. There are also other programs that allows you to work any 4 hrs you wish within a month, but to be honest with you those program usually are not available. They are designed for members who free lance or members whose regular job does not follow a set schedule. Example: doctors, lawyers, journalist and entrepreneurs. Now that you understand better, below you will find some tips that can help you become a healthy person.

We at the coop believe that we can't keep destroying the earth and expect her to feed us on top of it. For that reason, we regard the earth as a living organism; the earth has the ability to heal itself. As human beings we are also part of the earth organism and therefore we also have the ability to heal ourselves through nature’s cures.

For millions of years nature has been our pharmacy, it is because of nature that we have been able to cure the cause of our diseases instead of of their symptoms. Now, because of health care cost, people have begun to gravitate towards natural curs and in the process they have wondered what should I take for this or what should I take for that. Well, below you will find a list of natural cure that I have depicted from the book back to Eden by Jethro Kloss a man who is respected by most herbalist. Please be advise that this information below is not meant to replace your doctor's prescriptions, this information is good if you wish to maintain your health or acquire better health.

Natures Cures

(click column header to sort results)
Immune Builder  
Diabetes Relief  
Extreme Erection  
Carrots – Celery – Garlic – Parsley
Carrots – Celery – Parsley
Ginseng – Super Boise Bande – Tiger Bane – Bagi Chew - Ponkin Seeds
Arteries Cleanser
Hypertension Help
Brain Booster
Carrots – Spinach – Beets – Celery
Carrots – Spinach – Beets – Apple
Carrots, Ginko Biloba – Spinach – Parsley – Lecithin
Headache Relief
Iron Complex
Flue Fighter
Carrots – Beets – Cucumber
Carrots – Apple – Beets – Spinach
Carrots – Apple – Garlic – Ginger – Lime
Multi vitamins contributes to your overall health.
Multi vitamins contributes to your overall health.

Education is the only path to healthy living - so do yourself a favor - help others help you educate yourself.

Fresh wheatgrass can be found at the coop as well as dried powdered ones. Fresh wheatgrass can be grounded by a hand held juicer for ultimate benefit. When used as a hand held grounder, the maximum enzyme is extracted from the wheatgrass allowing us to obtain the full benefit of the minerals found in wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass contains around 15mg of Calcium, 8mcg Iodine, 3.5mcg Selenium, 870mcg Iron, 62mcg Zinc, and many other minerals. There are three enzymes that are known to have significant anti-oxidant activity. One of these is Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which is present in wheatgrass.

Spirulina which is a sea green are mostly found in capsule or dried powder. The brand I use isBarlean’s greens which is a powdered formula super food. That brand contains land greens, sea green, sea vegetable blend, phytonutrient & herbal tonic formula.

Spirulina is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acid GLA and its high in B-12. Spirulina can be blend with milk or juices. One who takes the Barlean’s brand may not take other source of vitamin supplements. The Barlean’s brand is considered to be a liquid form of multi vitamin.

Goji berry which is a good source of nutrient can not freshly be found in most part of the country except in a few places like some coops and a few health food stores. However, fresh or not, Goji berry is still beneficial and can improve your immune system. Researchers have revealed that Goji polysaccharides help enhance and balance the activity of all classes of immune cells, support inflammatory processes in the body including T-cells & cytotoxic.

Goji berries can also be drink as juice or eaten like blue berries, either way, it still beneficial for the body. Goji berries help reduce free radicals in your body; it is one of the reason why we say Goji berries is an extension which reduces the aging process. Researchers have found Goji berry helpful in stimulating the pituitary gland of the human growth hormone (hGH) which is the youth hormone.

Good nutrients in the body help maintain proper oxidation between oxygen molecules and any other substances they come across. But all of that is worthless if we’re not exercising. Exercise is a motor function; it helps maintain the health of our internal organs. Running, swimming, biking and mountain climbing are just a few of many exercises that can help keep our internal organs healthy. I prefer running, I found mountain climbing to be risky & dangerous. Mountain climbing is clearly an exercise that divides the racial line, especially when it’s done without a rope.

Be advised, I am not a doctor, the information in this article should only be used to educate oneself, any complications in health, I strongly advice you to check with your doctor for a physical.

This picture is similar to the list that I've given you above, except this one has more information. This picture was taking from a juice store. The owner got the idea from the same book Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss.
This picture is similar to the list that I've given you above, except this one has more information. This picture was taking from a juice store. The owner got the idea from the same book Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss.


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