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Where do I go for my Coffee.

Updated on September 19, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

How do you make Indian Coffee.

You love coffee but you are at home and there is no one to make.You like Expresso but your people may not know how to do.So buy one at Cafe Coffee Day.Get all the information at the cafe on how to make.Your Stove top Expresso Coffee Maker contains 3 Chambers:- Collecting Chamber. - Filter Basket - Bottom Chamber which contains water. -Proceed to make the coffee.- Fill the bottom chamber with 75 mi of drinking water.

  1. * Place the filter basket on the bottom chamber.
  2. * Place the coffee maker and when it boils take it out and drink from the bottom chamber black coffee with or without sugar,with or with out sugar.In India we drink with sugar and milk..
  3. * Fill with 2 table spoons of pure coffee powder good coffee as in India is made with freshly roasted and powdered 80% Coffee Seeds and 20% Chicory Seeds blended before grinding to powder. this is real Indian Coffee that is available in Bangalore in ' Cafe Coffee Day ' a 100 coffee shops in various parts of Bangalore with coffee in other forms are also served like Puffs and Burgers.I have the menu card for your information given below..They serve this 80:20 Coffee.

Drink it Black with or without Sugar.the South Indian way:-

Drink it with Milk and Sugar or Sugarless.sweetener given to you in a packet Add Milk as you like but let the Milk be boiling hot.This you need to Pour from one Steel Tumbler to another Tumbler till you get the cream on top.POUR IN TO YOUR GLASS AND COME SIT ON YOUR FAVORITE CHAIR AND DRINK SLOWLY TILL YOU DIE FOR ANOTHER CUP.

What do you want for a Meal.

1 - Chicken Hot Dogs - Rs.48.00 with Cookies at Rs.10.00 Each along with Chicken Hot Dogs.

2 - Andhra Chicken Puff - Rs.38.00 with Cookies at Rs.10.00 Each.

3 - Veg Samosa - Rs.38.00 with Choco Doughnut at Rs.29.00 Each.

4 - Mirchy Masala Chatka Rs.35.00 with Choco Brownie Rs.40.00 Each.

5 - Veg Burger Rs.50.00 with Gardan Salad Sandwich Rs.62.00 Each.

6 - Paneer Tikka Sandwich Rs.63.00 with Extra Cheese at Rs.10.00.

7 - Chicken Salad Sandwich Rs.69.00 with Extra Cheese at Rs.10.00.

8 - Chicken Burger Rs.55.00 with Spinach Corn Sandwich Rs.60.00.

9 - Chicken Cttinad Surprise Rs.75.00 with Extra Cheese at Rs.10.00.

Prices change up word in India so check the prices.Once you start going to this Coffee shop you will see coffee mugs & coffee maker as shown in the figure.You may be tempted to buy them or present them to your dear or other friends.This is a boy meets girl joint and most of the time I see young boys and girls chit chat eat and drink coffee and spend hours as its a place for them which is costly and only people whose pockets are hot come or those who have their credit / debit card are hanging around this joint.

things happen over a cup of coffee so, says this coffee shop only one of its kind in Bangalore.Over 915 in Karnataka,Asia's Largest.

South India is famous for filter coffee.The Madras Coffee and The Mysore Coffee are the two great Coffee Drinkers states attached with the smell of coffee.We in Bangalore were proud of the outlet INDIAN COFFEE chains all over Bangalore which was running to crowded and some times Jam Packed with people never wanting to get up and go from their seats.The Coffee shops were run by the Govt of Mysore prior to reorganization of states.Even after reorganization they were running well.How can Govt run coffee shops where there is so little mullah for so many people.The Coffee Board set up by the Govt was under good and honest bureaucrats for few years.Then came the SC/ST class of bureaucrats well guarded by the govt for their poor performance and the INDIAN COFFEE was HISTORY.

wikipedia gives the complete history of this great STAR BUCKS of INDIA started in our state of Karnataka and has over 900 of its coffee shops.They not only serve coffee but also several such items that have funny and fancy names that you never feel satisfied if you do not try one item at a time so as to go there frequently.

The Menu Card goes like this :-

Coffee Latte - Rs.46/-

Cappuccino - Rs.43/-.Irish Coffee

Rs.63/-. Choco Cappuccino


Rs.45/-. Expresso

Rs.35/-.Black Coffee

Rs.46/-. Cafe Macha

Cold Coffee.- Rs,58/-

Mocha Chillo Rs.58/-.

Devil's Own Rs.92/-.

Chill-O-coffee Rs.66/-

Ordinary Cappuccino - Rs.Rs.59/-

When do I drink Coffee.

As Kids we were allowed coffee only one a day in the morning but at other places we would drink at least once more.

After High School coffee was a must with Masala Dosa during Lunch hours.

After graduation it was only after breakfast after we are allowed to go for breakfast.

After getting up in profession there was no coffee but only Tea since it was economical to employer to serve Tea to 300 + employees.

After I went up to Management cadre it was when I wanted to drink and some times with my customers.

Now after retirement I an given Tea by my Wife when she needs to drink or when I ask for it.

Some times when I go to Indian Vegetarian Hote with my wife l I drink Coffee called Filter Coffee a south Indian Coffee.after eating Masala Dosa at VIDYARTI BHAVAN the best Masala Dosa in the whole of India.This restaurant is located in Gandhi Bazar,Basavana Gudi,Bangalore North.Chief Minister and others in high position,Kannada Film actors visit this place.


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