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How to fund Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care

Updated on October 9, 2016

One more walk by the lake


There seems never to be enough funds to help pay for the day-to-day care of our family, friends, and neighbors. It may seem the mentioning of neighbors in this article is unusual, however, it will become clear shortly.

There are far more dollars available for seniors to help with financing of care for our elderly relatives and friends. We all know of the primary finances (Health Insurance, savings, nursing home care insurance and more) while it is possible there is some financial aid available within our community.

Let us look at the primary finances we know about.

a. Health insurance: What is many times unknown is how to get health insurance to pay for some of the Assisted Living cost. Health insurance will pay for services requiring a health professional (nursing care, physical therapy and so on). It is important to be proactive in seeking all care as possible be paid for by insurances. This also is another time when rumors fly around; it is essential that caregivers are vigilant and knowledgeable about the resources available. And do not just accept the first answer. If it seems possible the care should be paid for, go after it. The first place to begin your search for resources is with the work the person did while employed or (and this is important) the type of work the spouse or significant other was employed. (Exp. The cases of asbestosis – when workers wore their work clothes home and subsequently other family members were also exposed.)
b. Look at pharmaceutical companies, who many times will provide a break in the cost of drugs or treatments. Look for drug or treatment trial where care may be paid for due to trials. And always ask the physician for information regarding trials or a letter of compassion to pharmaceutical companies
c. Do not be afraid to seek out the help of an attorney when trying to understand Health Insurance to pay for in-home care or long-term care. There are attorneys for low-income residents. Remember you are not the one providing the funding. If your person is living on SSI or SDI, the chances are very good they considered low income. Many of the policies purchased by the public 20 to 30 years ago, have now been brought to explain why they are not paying as was suggested when sold. And there has been the amount of time when they were required to pay.

There is no one-stop for this information. Talk to your person, another family member or friend. Know which union, service organizations your person was involved with. There are many which pay nominal amounts (Unions, Eagles, Elks, Lions and so much more), that add up to significance in monthly payments.

Stated in this article are some unthought of resources to help pay for the care necessary to fund medical costs as we age. The time and tenacity required to research and make requests regarding sums of money for care needs. Often we come to the realization 'elder care requires a village'.
Creating the mission or educational abilities, for an adult child of the person requiring financial needs. This person or persons will pursue the funds hidden from immediate sight.

The funds we want, need and expect to find are in fact due and waiting to be used. Whether these funds are paid, insurances found, government or private are found they are waiting for us to use.


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