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Which EO brand should I buy?

Updated on February 5, 2018

There are SO MANY essential oil companies out there these days, and this is a big problem for me. I'll research the company, look at reviews, ask around, or even buy a few oils to test them. I've decided that asking around is the least productive since everyone has their favorite and they won't stray from that company at all.

I ask "How good is Company A compared to Company B?"

Their answer: "Company A sucks and they need to rot in Hell. I never used them and I don't think you should, either, or else you'll rot in Hell with them. Company B is the only good oil out there, and if you use it like I do, you will live a long and happy life surrounded by fluffy bunnies and you will end up in Heaven."

Okay, maybe not exactly what they said, but, as it turns out, the only reason they made the above decision was because their cousins' uncles' brother-in-law's butcher had a friend who used oils from Company A and was immediately attacked by a swarm of rabid beavers upon using said oil, so it must have been bad. Or something like that.

So, to clear up any rabid beaver misinformation about any oil, here's what you can do to make sure you're buying the good stuff:

1. Is it cheap?

Cheap almost always means fake.

2. Is it in a clear container?

No reputable essential oil company would use clear bottles.

3. Does it absorb into your skin, and not feel oily?

Pure oil does not leave a residue.

4. Does the Latin Name and "100% Pure Oil" appear on the label?

Be careful about this one and do your homework. Know the actual Latin name or at least write it down.

I was going to put down about placing one drop of oil on some computer paper, but some pure oils fail this test, like the darker oils. Most of them won't leave a residue and won't discolor, but you need to keep in mind that oils like Patchouli, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and German Chamomile will fail even if they're pure.

So avoid asking Aunt Martha, A.K.A. the rabid beaver attack of 1987 widow, about which oil she trusts more. You'll almost always get a biased opinion.

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