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Which Eye Exercises Are Best to Improve Your Vision

Updated on March 23, 2014

Do Eye Exercises Work?

Your eyes need regular exercises to keep them healthy, relaxed and improve overall vision. If you embark on a regular eye exercise regimen, you’ll effectively correct eye conditions such as poor night vision, sensitivity to the light, nearsightedness, farsightedness and such like eye diseases.

The best eye exercises to improve vision work towards reducing eye strain and strengthening eye muscles as well. Sometimes you may need directions from an ophthalmologist but most of these exercises are easy to perform and can be done by anyone from anywhere, be it in the middle of a busy schedule or at home. Eye exercises are also harmless and don’t involve any pain. So which are the best eye exercises to improve your vision? Read on for further insights.

Vision Improving Eye Exercises

Zooming… This is one the easiest eyes exercises to improve vision you can perform. Start by assuming a comfortable sitting position before stretching your arm and put your thumb out. Proceed to focus on the thumb while your arm is stretched out. Follow this by bringing the thumb closer to the eye until the thumb is within a distance of three inches from the face.

Stretch out the arm again while still focusing on the thumb all this time. Repeat the same procedure for a few minutes at a time. Zooming is one of the eye exercises to improve vision that enhances your focusing abilities besides strengthening the eye muscles.

Resting the Eyes… Sometimes the best eye exercises to improve vision you can embark on especially if you work for long hours in front of a computer or you’re engaged in activities that require a lot of focusing over long periods of time is to just let your eyes rest a little bit. This is done by taking a break at least 10 minutes every hour to gaze at the ceiling or shifting focus to something else.

Better still you can place a chart on a wall within a distance of 5 meters from your working station. Look up at the top most part of the chart and make an effort of reading the headlines, followed by the subheadings the finer prints at regular intervals and in so doing you’ll have kept blurry vision at bay and ultimately make eyesight better.


3 More Eye Exercises

Rolling the Eyes… Some eye problems such as redness and itchiness are brought about by lack of moisture in the eyes. If such problems are not addressed, they can lead to other eye problems like eye floaters and reduced vision. It is paramount therefore to try and keep the moisture content in the eyes at an optimum level. This can be done by rolling the eyes in opposite directions at intervals of at least 10 seconds. Roll your eyes at least five times every day to enhance your eyesight and keep most eye problems in check.

Beads on a String... With a six feet long string with beads, you can incredibly improve the way you see. One end of the string is tied to a post or anything that is at the same height as your eyes while the other end is held at the tip of your nose. The beads should be one, four and six feet away from the nose respectively. Start by focusing on the bead on the furthest end and you should be able to see double strings taking a V shape. Focus on the bead in the middle and this time you should see and X and the same goes for the closest bead. You will only see one string if your brain is holding back information from the eye that is weak. A series of this practice should teach your eyes to work simultaneously.

Eye Squeeze… When you have itchy or dry eyes, this is the best eye exercise to perform. Simply close your eyes and give them a gentle squeeze for about 5 seconds. The same procedure is to be repeated at least five times effectively prompting the eyes to produce tears thereby increasing eye moisture which is very imperative in cooling the eyes.

You can naturally improve eyesight and help avoid most of eye problems through eye exercises. Therefore it is important to try them before you seek out other treatment methods to fix your eye problems. You don’t have to wear contact lenses to fix poor eyesight; perhaps all you need to do is to seriously embark on eyes exercises to improve vision programs.


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