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Which Nuts are Best for You?-Healthy Nuts

Updated on February 22, 2012

Healthy Nuts

Many people regard eating nuts to be a healthy option. Nuts are packed with all kinds of nutrients, but is their a healthy nut choice that may help you with a particular condition?.So which nuts are best for you.

If you are crackers about nuts and enjoy eating them, you may want to know which nuts are best for your health.Here I have discovered some healthy nuts that can help with some of life's ailments.

Nuts are Good for You

Pistachios: Lowering Blood Pressure.

Pistachios are high in potassium and a couple of shelled unsalted pistachios have more potassium content than a banana. The nuts help to control blood pressure as potassium stems the effects of salt.

Peanuts: Aids Weight Loss.

Peanuts help you to feel full for longer due to the fat protein and fibre they contain, and less likely to snack later on. Some studies indicate a moderate use of peanuts in diets found weight loss easier and the diet easier to sick to.

Cashews: Combat Fatigue

Cashews are extremely rich in iron nutrients and these nuts contain twice as much iron as found in lean minced beef.A lack of iron can lead to lack of concentration and feeling very tired.

Walnuts: Lowering Cholesterol.

Walnuts have great flavour and recent studies have shown a walnut enriched diet can lower your cholesterol level by an average of 0.3 points. (e.g., from 5.5 to 5.2 mmol/1). You would need to eat 30g of walnuts a day to see the benefits within a month.

Pecans: Keeping Away Colds and Flu.

It is the high zinc content in pecan nuts that help the functioning of white blood cells that are needed to fight bacteria and viruses including cold and flu.Just a handful of pecan nuts would give you 20% of your daily recommended allowance of zinc.

Almonds: Help With Diabetes.

Carb free almonds are high in fibre and high in magnesium, helps the rate which sugar enters your bloodstream.

Hazelnuts: For Your All Round Health.

Hazelnuts are full of many nutrients,as well as being rich in fibre they also contain zinc ,magnesium, folic acid and calcium.They are one of the best sources of vitamin E and rich in heart healthy mono-saturated fats.



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    • freelanceauthor profile image

      freelanceauthor 5 years ago

      Nice hub. Too bad nuts are not good for gout

    • profile image

      kelleyward 5 years ago

      Very interesting information. I guess that's why I love cashews so much they help with energy level!

    • L.L. Woodard profile image

      L.L. Woodard 5 years ago from Oklahoma City

      Good information on the health benefits of the various types of nuts. In following the Mediterranean diet style, I've learned that eating nuts is an important component.

      If you're looking for ways to add nuts to your diet but are not necessarily interested in eating a handful, mince or crush your favorite kinds of nuts and add them to other foods such as salads, cereals, yogurt and more.

      Voted up and SHARED.