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Which One You Choose, long life or Life With Quality?

Updated on April 25, 2015
Which One You Choose, long life or Life With Quality?
Which One You Choose, long life or Life With Quality?

What congratulate you most often hear when birthday? Yes, almost all of them will answer "hopefully longevity" and followed by "healthy always."

Geriatric health experts from Gleneagles Hospital, Dr Chan Kin Ming said that hopes to extend the life became one of the most basic human expectation. Speaking in the 'Annual Scientific Meeting Gleneagles Hospital', Dr Chan said there are fundamental things that are more important than figuring out how to order longevity.

"The question now is not 'how can I be a long life', but shifted its focus to 'how my life more quality, not just a life,'" said Dr Chan, in his seminar entitled What Can I Do To Live Forever, in Sheraton Tower, Singapore.

Based on several studies, human life expectancy worldwide has risen in the last 60 years. In 1950, life expectancy at age 48 years. While in 2010, there was an increase of 20 years to 68 years.

This indicates, humans continue to evolve into a better direction. Development of health and medical technology, as well as economic growth and education is an important factor increasing human life expectancy.

But the high life expectancy does not necessarily guarantee the quality of human life. What it means to have a long life if just spent in bed due to illness and was unable to move?

Indeed, the risk of disease will increase when entering the old days. In fact, according to Dr. Chan, the older the person, the risk of complications of disease will increase.

Pneumonia example. This disease is attacking the respiratory system. But the elderly are functions of his organs had decreased, pneumonia can cause a stroke that led to the death.

"Pneumonia is attacking the respiratory tract, consequently, lungs function become heavier. Work heavier requiring greater amounts of oxygen, so the heart will pump blood more quickly. The pumping the blood very quickly will make blood pressure rise and could cause burst blood vessels, and finally died cause of stroke,"

"Because of that, which is a concern, it should be how in the old days we stay active and healthy, able to move as usual. The way of course to implement a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress," he said.


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