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Which Small Treadmill Is Best Suited For Apartment Living?

Updated on July 8, 2014

What are the special requirements you should consider when you buy a treadmill for your apartment?

Living in a small space, such as an apartment, makes it more important that you have a clear picture of what you want before you buy a new treadmill. You probably do not have a ton of space to dedicate to a large, heavy treadmill. You may have even given up on enjoying the benefits of walking or jogging on a treadmill. Maybe you have thrown up your hands and given up.

I think I know how you feel. At least I can sympathize. My daughter, Penny, faced much the same dilemma when she left home and moved into her first apartment.

She was always a fitness enthusiast and loved running on the Proform 995 Ma and I had at the old home place. We liked the fact that she could run indoors in the comfort and safety of our home.

Of course such a large machine would never work in Penny's tidy apartment. She needed something that was compact. Something that was lightweight and movable. Something she could move out of the way when she or her roomie, Lane, was not using it.

And, being Penny, she wanted a treadmill that would really perform.

The Search for Mr. Treadmill

Her initial searching did not pan out too well. As you can well imagine either the treadmill in question was too big, too expensive, or too bulky.

If you have shopped for treadmill recently, you have had to notice how similar they all are. What Penny needed was a treadmill of a different design. She needed one to need her specific needs.

Hey! This Might Work.

A Space Saver!

Treadmills have gotten more complicated - and heavy - over the years.

This Weslo treadmill is heavy enough at just a bit over 100 pounds. It's listed at 117, I believe. And, it does have quite a few of those fancy features everyone thinks they just must have! :)

I mean it's got the preset workouts and the speed control. It has LCD displays to keep your workouts interesting.

But what I really appreciate is the conveniences. It folds up to save space. It has wheels on it so you can move it out of your way whenever it is not in use.

Things like that.

Features, features, features!!!

To tell you the danged truth, this feature and that feature can get confusing after you've shopped several treadmills.

You forget what you were looking for when you marched through the showroom doors.

It's a bit like when you see all those shiny new cars at a auto dealership and drive away with a lot more car than you really wanted or needed.

And really, the sole purpose of any treadmill is to let you walk, jog, or run indoors. Am I right?

So this one will do nicely, my dear.

Treadmills are Safer, Methinks!

It was unsettling enough for her Mother and I to have our young daughter living hundreds of miles away from home. When we learned she had almost given up on getting a treadmill and just planned on running outdoors, we were concerned.

The imagined all sorts of dangers in that little college town. Our little girl had to have a treadmill. And quick!

Being overprotective parents, we deputized ourselves as official treadmill searchers. Off to work we went.

We searched high and low. We went to the sporting gods stores. We haunted the mall. We combed the discount store. And that got us nowhere. Too big. Too bulky. Too...something.

Will Interval Training Give You The Best Results?

Other Ways To Exercise Indoors

We just feel it is safer by exercising indoors. It is unfortunate but on the bright side there are so many good ways to exercise indoors.

There are other workout machines like elliptical trainers, rowing machines, and stationary bikes.

The fitness DVDs are another avenue to staying fit indoors. There are even complete exercise programs available on video. My wife and I have added variety to our exercises by following along with the many videos available online. You can easily find them on YouTube.

I hope where you live it is safe and worry free to exercise outdoors. But even if that is the case, when rain or inclement weather strikes, it is good to have one or more of these exercise choices at the ready.

That's supposed to be Penny.
That's supposed to be Penny. | Source

And, Finally

Our daughter, Penny, is adjusting to small college life.

Even her Mother and I are slowly making the adjustment.

She loves her new treadmill and uses it almost every day.

We feel safer knowing that she is not out jogging on some dimly lit street after dark.

Adjusting to life away from home can be challenging to everyone concerned.

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