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Whimsy - The basic ingredient for happiness

Updated on June 19, 2013

Add a Little Whimsy to Your Life

Lighten Your Burdens

When whimsy is part of human existence, extremities and obstacles seem less harsh. Many individuals are born with a basic whimsical nature that helps them avoid depression. It's important to look for whimsy in each day. There's always something light and distracting to leaven drudgery and monotony.

Seek Whimsy in Your Life

There are many opportunities to turn dark situations into lighthearted distractions. It takes a bit of will power and self-discipline to train your mind to seek whimsy whenever difficulties arise. Whimsy can be found in the enjoyment of books, music, poetry or in observing life around you. A quick glance out any window can be a source of refreshing whimsy. It is absolutely true that busy individuals should take time to "smell the roses." If not literally, then figuratively. Another truism is "Where your heart is, there shall your happiness lie." Too often, chaos in our lives become disproportionate to our sense of happiness and the leavening whimsy affords to doleful existence.

Rely On Whimsy When Life Gets You Down

Feelings of being overwhelmed by certain situations are an immediate opportunity to inject whimsy into the realm of consciousness. Imagination is part of whimsy. So, it's easy to imagine being on a tropical island with a warming sun overhead and palm trees swaying. This is whimsy. Feeling exhausted by routine? Refresh with a whimsical, imaginary trip to a childhood fairyland where you can choose to be a knight on a white charger, a fairy princess or if the mood suits, a despotic ogre.

Relocate to a Whimsical Zone

It's easy to use imagination to allow whimsy to flow freely in your mind, heart, emotions and perhaps even, physically. Whimsy can be the catalyst to new freedom of creativity as well as boundless enthusiasm. Whimsy is also instantaneous. That annoying co-worker or demanding employer can become a caricature in your zone of whimsy in less than a few seconds. This is a good way to avoid pressures that build up over time. Though they may not know what brings the smile to your face, you'll record the whimsy in using imagination to turn annoyance into your personal whimsy.

Take a Cue From Children

Children live in a world of whimsy. They learn early on how to imagine themselves as characters in fairy stories. By the time they enter school, their sense of whimsy seems to become diluted by pressures to succeed. Nothing succeeds like a sense of whimsy where children and adults are concerned. We can learn the lessons of whimsy best from young children. When their minds flow freely, it seems anything is possible in their whimsical state.

Meditate on the Whimsical in Your Life

Meditation, coupled with a sense of whimsy, can bring a genuine sense of tranquility and serenity. Meditate daily on thoughts and visions of whimsy to heighten the value of meditation. Whimsical vignettes add to the distinct pleasure of recalling whimsical memories from the past or the present. Whimsy is a measure of self-healing and self-improvement. Add a little whimsy to your life today.


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    • Ewent profile imageAUTHOR

      Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker 

      5 years ago from Old Bridge, New Jersey

      Thank you! I sincerely appreciate your kind comments.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love the word "whimsy" and I think I'll start using that phrase instead of "mindfulness" or "positive thinking."

      A refreshingly light and airy, yet introspective and informative Hub. Voted up and shared!


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