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Who I Am: I Am Not What I Have Done, I Am What I Have Overcome

Updated on November 29, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed, I write.

I am a writer, a woman who writes about everything and anything. I experience NO shame or fear when I write. Writing is everything to me, when I am depressed or sad it helps me to bounce back and deal with life's circumstances.

When I write it transform me and convert me into a stable and stress-free person. The beauty of writing that makes it worthwhile is it helps me deal with my drama. Most of all it assists me to administer my thoughts so that everything comes together and, in the end, I feel better.

Also, I'm sure it's safe to say we will always have to make decisions...but sometimes people make unwise choices, and because of those decisions, they are judged…but don’t judge me for the things I have done. On the account of, I am not what I have done, the bad choices that I have made in my life will not represent me nor limit who I am as a person.

At times, good people make bad decisions, and those choices make them question their abilities, except I have spent years of my life searching to learn who I am at my core to know the characteristics that define and explain my very existence in this world.

One of the biggest and most significant experiences of my life was taking a journey where I discover who I really am. When a person learns who they are the world around them come together with happiness. If you want to enjoy sharing your life with a partner, you have to first know who you are.

In my lifetime, I have struggled, engage in battles that turn into days where I wanted nothing more than just to shed the very skin that describes me. I have cried, I have hoped, and I have prayed, and I desired to remove my beautiful long black hair from the roots to eliminate the past that many judges of me.

Except, although I used to want to remove my beautiful black skin and cut the long pretty hair that many looks at to define me, I have learned to rid myself of uneducated people and everything that attempt to identify me as "Negro" or "Other."

The truth be told, at one point in my life, I spent my days wanting the people around me to make a change — I even allowed myself to question if what people thought or said about me was true.

And the worst part is, I found myself longing to escape a life that my mind, body or soul could no longer bear. I know that when sudden people look at me, they thought that my voice or behavior was not in what was acceptable.

There are ignorant individuals that will attempt to make another feel they unworthy to be in the same room they share or skills are less than theirs. But through all of this, I have come to the reality that if I wait for people to think of me as what my value is worth or give me the respect I deserve, I will never in a million years know my value or get what I deserve.

Currently, I'm doing nothing more than being unapologetically for me as I am a female, a black woman who has been rejected for this title that has always seemed to come with some negatives and advantages, yet I overcome.

Over the years, as I developed into a mature woman, I have learned to demand respect and become many things like a mother, a friend, a career woman, a child of God, a sister, a person with belief that I can, and I am an overcomer who now loves herself.

No, it was not easy, but I have wanted nothing more than to know my truth, self since I am a black woman, I am beautiful, and I am gratified. So, don't judge me based on my past...I'm different now, and I am not what I have done, I am what I have overcome.

No matter how bad my life seems this particular day, it was like my life flash before my eyes and I refuse to stay down and be defeated. I can remember thinking I can choose to do two things either to be a victim of the world or an explorer on a journey in search of a change from my ugly situation.

It feels good to break the chains finally and be able to say I'm not what I have done. I am what I have overcome. I am a woman who knows how to love. I love and love and love until I have no more love to give. However, I learn through my experience to love and give respect when it due and love myself, push people aside that toxic and rid them from my life who have hurt me or don't care about me.

There are things about me that no one understands, and that makes me different from everyone else. I am one of a kind, so unique, and this one individual quality has made me stand out from the rest of society. But please, do not confuse me with what people say or think about me, I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become, I am not what I have done, I am what I have overcome, an overcomer.

I am and love being a writer. I apply ink onto blank pages as I write and release all stress until I no longer feel the things that bother me inside. I write until I'm happy as nobody deserves to know all my troubles and secrets that always seem to hunt me except the pen and paper.

I write when I'm stressed or when I find myself feeling lost. Writing helps me to release all worries and express myself which helps me represent myself in the best way and unusual ways and find my way back to myself. Also, it helps me let go of anything that I refuse to hold onto and continue to express myself.

So, I have a choice, and I choose to focus on knowing who I am and bettering the person that I am, rather than allow other to make me a person I am not sure. I am unashamedly and proud to say that I learn who I am.

Today in 2018, I think it's time that people know me, the real me, as I can express who I am and paint my own canvas to put into words just who I am. A brief outline, I am a woman, a black woman with multi-skills such as creative writing, Executive Administrative Assistant, customer service, manager, accounting/bookkeeping, and payroll.

A child of God, a mother, a friend, a sister, a conqueror, fearless, blessed and I am not what has happened to me; I am not what I have done, I am what I have overcome. I am what I choose to become and that is an overcomer.

Who I am: I am not what I have done, I am what I have overcome.

What Do you Think? Have you suffered from doing things that hurt others, and they defined you by the pain you cause? If so, what was your approach?

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Casting Crowns - Who am I with lyrics

The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you

Audrey Auld 'I Am Not What I Have Done'

I'm a very strong woman, a wonderful person and I know my worth!

© 2017 Pam Morris


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    • Pam Morris profile imageAUTHOR

      Pam Morris 

      20 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you so much Dianemae, I really appreciate your time and everything you've written! Also, I am happy to read you can see my big heart through my writing; I appreciate your encouraging compliment.

    • Dianemae profile image


      20 months ago

      You are special! You are on the right path and you care about others and yourself. The future is a brighter place because your in it. Keep smiling.

    • Pam Morris profile imageAUTHOR

      Pam Morris 

      20 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you, Patty, I am happy to read you enjoyed my article. It took me a little time to realize it, but I learn I do have a choice in what matter and to have a real life a person have to choose righteousness. Thank you for your comment and support

    • pattyfloren profile image

      Patty Florence 

      20 months ago from Illinois

      I enjoyed reading your article. It brought me to this place where I was thinking about our youth who have a choice in what matters. Choice righteousness, YES! Thank you.


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