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Who Could Use a Snap-On Smile?

Updated on November 8, 2010

Often, cosmetic dental procedures are only available to people with good insurance or a healthy bank account. Teeth whitening, straightening and replacing is reserved for people who have the means and the time necessary for such procedures. Unfortunately, this situation overlooks a large segment of the population who could also benefit from cosmetic dentistry. One product that seeks to fill this gap is known as the Snap-on Smile. Of all the options available for people to rectify an unattractive or misaligned smile, this one is perhaps the simplest and least expensive of all.

What is a Snap-On Smile?

First, it's a good idea to understand just what the term Snap-On Smile means. As its name suggests, this dental appliance is a thin resin apparatus that fits over one's original teeth and looks like straight, healthy, adult teeth. While the resin is pliable, it is also durable. According to the manufacturer, if proper care is taken, the Snap-On Smile will last up to three years and remain fully usable. It can be worn all the time, even while eating, and only needs to be removed while one is sleeping. Each appliance is custom-made to fit the wearer’s mouth and the cost averages about $1500 a set.

Inventor Discusses Product on CNN

Care and Maintenance

The Snap-On Smile is one of the easiest dental appliances to care for, and it can be cleaned by daily brushing with a soft bristle brush. Due to the bendable nature of the thin resin, it's important not to overstretch or warp the appliance by being too forceful with it. While it is easy to insert and remove, a gentle rocking motion should be used if it feels too tight to gently extract.


As with any alternative to expensive medical therapies, the Snap-On Smile is not without its drawbacks. Certainly, this solution is less permanent than just about any other dental procedure. One needs to be careful when eating to avoid hard foods that can crack the resin, or extreme heat that can melt or warp the shape. Some people have been disappointed that the Snap-On Smile did not look as natural as they had hoped. Upon close inspection, it is possible to discern that these teeth are not genuine. Also, certain issues and problems in the mouth like decay or missing teeth can render a person ineligible to wear the Snap-On Smile.

When faced with making a decision that affects not only one’s appearance, but also one’s health and financial well-being, it's good to know all of the options available. While the Snap-On Smile may work as a good interim solution for some, it could also be a fine alternative for someone who dislikes his original teeth and cannot afford a more permanent treatment like dental veneers. While the reviews thus far have been mixed, it’s an idea that appeals to those low on cash or patience, and its implementation will likely continue to improve as time goes on.


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    • Richard Thomas profile image

      Richard Thomas 7 years ago

      Wow!! I so want my own! (lol, I mean my own snap-on!):)

    • Deborah Donados profile image

      Deborah Donados 7 years ago from Portland

      That's good to hear, Joyce. I like knowing that there are affordable alternatives to pricey dental work.

    • profile image

      Joyce 7 years ago

      I have one and I love it! I wear it almost everyday!

    • Monarch.Starcrack profile image

      Monarch.Starcrack 7 years ago from Florida

      really cool!

    • cmuckley profile image

      cmuckley 7 years ago

      Pretty amazing... I had never heard of this.