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Who Doesn't Love Breasts?

Updated on February 3, 2012

Big Girls Don't Cry Until They Get Breast Cancer

The world has had a love affair with breasts since the beginning of time, but most recently, this love affair has evolved into a war where politics now plays a significant role in whether breasts will be healthy or not. In the last 48 hours, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a charitable group which I have personally supported, allowed politics to influence its funding decisions. Planned Parenthood became the victim of the Congressional War on Women when the Komen Foundation decided to end their funding of breast cancer screenings offered to over 100,000 women every year based, they said, on an ongoing Congressional investigation into the activities of Planned Parenthood. The investigation was initiated by a pro-life? member of Congress, Cliff Stearns, who is intent on shutting the doors of Planned Parenthood.

But many decided that a charitable foundation should steer clear of questionable politics and spoke loudly, protesting the decision. The Komen Foundation, after receiving thousands of negative reactions from supporters, has apparently reconsidered its decision and stated today that Planned Parenthood will receive its current year pledge of funds. They have not, however, stated their future intentions beyond this year.

When one in eight women in this country will fall victim to breast cancer, early detection and a cure for this disease is the only thing the Komen Foundation should be considering. They should not allow politics on any level influence their funding decisions. Women's health is just too important and Planned Parenthood helps women get annual breast cancer screenings. That is not wrong and it is certainly pro-life!

I don't remember seeing my mother cry very often, but when she was told that she had breast cancer and would live for only two or three months because the cancer had metastasized, her tears flowed freely. Her death was painful; something I hope my own daughters will never have to endure. My mother died at the age of 56 and she is missed every day. We all have women in our lives that have been destroyed by this devastating illness. We have mothers, daughters, sisters and granddaughters that need a cure. None of these women need a war being waged against them by political imbeciles.

Charities Have A Right To Decide Where Their Money Goes, But...

Every charitable organization has its own priorities and goals, and each of them has the absolute right to decide where their money goes or what efforts they will or won't support, but when an organization which has made millions and millions of dollars based on the premise that breast health is their goal, they do not have the right to betray the needs of women who depend on their help.

Time To Stop The Assault On Women's Health

Planned Parenthood has its supporters as well as its detractors, and that is fine. Everyone is entitled ro an opinion, but on this issue, there should be no argument. Cancer screenings save lives and thousands of women have no other access to this necessary medical testing. If you hate Planned Parenthood, don't go to them or use their services, but do not stand in the way when other women do. If you do not believe in contraception, don't use contraception, but step aside when other women disagree with you and decide to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies. And yes, Planned Parenthood offers abortion services. Don't believe in abortion? Don't have one!

Will I ever support the Komen Foundation again? I am not sure. Will you?


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  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA

    Hi, H!

    Hope you are well---How is your mom? I hope that she is doing well also!

    Perhaps when Handel leaves the organization, I will trust that what has become such a force for good (SGK)has returned to its root core. Until that day, I will have doubts. They have a long way to go to rebuild my trust. It is shocking to think that one person with questionable goals can compromise not only the future of Komen, but of women's health.

    Women did push back! I think the entire country actually pushed back. Refreshing to think that there still exists one idea upon which we all can agree, and even if for only a moment, unite in a common voice.

  • profile image

    Howard Schneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

    Great Hub, Jillian. I do not understand why the Komen Foundation hired such a Far Right VP of Public Policy as Karen Handel. They claim that she had nothing to do with the decision but that's bull. This wonderful women's organization completely blew it with this decision but I feel they have learned from it. They changed their decision quickly after the public outcry. I believe Handel will soon be out of her job. This is actually a great step for women. They pushed back against the Far Right and won easily. They are energized again.