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Who has your best interest at heart

Updated on July 7, 2014

Do Doctor's Really Care?

Since 2006, I have had my share of hospital visits, doctor visits, surgeries, epidural shots the list can go on and on. Every time I see a new doctor, I panic at feeling out the forms because there is just too much for my brain to retain in such a short time. What I do remember is how I have been treated by the medical profession--especially when it comes to surgeons who specialize in a particular area.

You often hear that he or she may be an excellent surgeon but his or her bed side manners are not what you would hope for. Well there is too much truth in that statement. In fact, it goes well beyond bed side just boils down to that he/she is the professional and you are nothing more than a patient...What do you know about the body...especially your own? I recall having a visit with my surgeon after my first back surgery. He asked me how I was bear in mind up to this point I would have told you he was the next best thing to frozen ice cream...I told him that things were getting worse...that it felt as if the nerve he freed in my back was catching onto something. Arrogantly he responded...that is impossible! First of all I fixed you, and secondly there is not enough room in the spine for your nerves to move. I thought to myself: Well excuse me for saying anything...

A few weeks passed by when I had to visit my family doctor. She knew I had surgery and asked how I was doing. I explained to her my symptoms...what was her reaction...that's not good, Let's schedule you an MRI...The results were shocking. She referred me to a neurosurgeon who looked at the films and much to his amazement stated that I needed emergency surgery...that nerve that was supposedly fixed in the first surgery was completely pinched by scar tissue and stenosis. The surgeon said if I waited too long I stood a good chance of losing the use of my left add salt to the wound, he commented I do not know how your first surgeon missed this...

My point is simply: You know your body better than anyone. If you are having problems and your physician fails to hear what you have to say, then find another. The person who has you best interest at heart is you.


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    • preacherp88 profile image

      Paul C. Markland 3 years ago from Uniontown

      Eddy, I can tell you are going to keep me honest.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      Interesting and I now look forward to many more by you.