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Who to blame if you fail to lose weight

Updated on August 12, 2012

It's never easy to lose weight. If you fail, here are some of the many things you can blame for such failure.

The talented chef in your favorite restaurant

Life would be easier for people who want to lose weight if delicious and enticing foods are not around. Nevertheless, they are everywhere! Deciding to control the amount of food you’ll eat starting tomorrow is easier said than done. I’ve tried this method and did my best to seriously keep my promise that I won’t overeat anymore yet in most cases, a new appetizing dessert in my favorite restaurant is all that it takes to dump all my dreams about wearing fitter clothes. The temptation is simply irresistible. My frustrations about the great chef stopping me from succeeding in my weight loss endeavors went further to the point where I hated him. It seems that he wants to challenge me every time our eyes meet while he boastfully displays his newly cooked, mouth-watering meals. Of course, you won’t find me smiling while staring at his evil grin yet he never fails to surprise me as to how delicious and addictive his meals are. I consider this as one of the many curses bestowed upon women. We just can’t afford to pig out like most men do. I can’t stop but dream of having the ability to eat all my favorite foods without worrying about weight gain. I would even seek the Dragonballs just to let Shenron grant me this wish!

Your unsupportive family

I am certain most of you have noticed that individuals who are overweight often have close relatives sharing the same health condition. Obesity can be caused by genetic factors. If both your parents are overweight, it’s most likely for you to be fat. It may not come about during your childhood days but eventually the gene’s power will prevail. I’ve read several articles regarding the hereditary aspects of obesity and experts agree that it has to do with having a slow metabolic rate. This is good news for those who come from a family of heavy weights since you can still stay fit and healthy through hard work and discipline. But let me tell you that it won’t be easy. One of my best friends faced this problem for years yet she failed to accomplish her weight loss goals. How can you follow a specific diet if your family always invites you to go out and have a feast? You won’t be motivated to push through your weight loss endeavors if no one will even try to stop you from eating more than enough. Eventually, you’ll end up going with the flow, thinking that what you are doing is just normal. You won’t feel insecure at all since the whole family has almost the same weight as you. So how can we deal with this literally BIG hindrance in losing weight?

Find other sources of Inspiration

Find a friend who is also facing weight problems and work with him or her so both of you can lose weight together. A friend or relative who successfully lose weight can also help you on this matter. By simply talking to him and listening about his experiences, you’ll gain more ideas on how to lose weight safely. Television shows that encourage people to be healthy can also be regarded as good sources of inspiration. Constantly watching shows that highlight men and women with excellent figures can give you a glimpse of the body you can achieve through discipline and hard work. The internet can also help you on this matter. Visit YouTube or other sites which host weight loss success videos. It doesn’t matter what products or diet they used to achieve their weight goals. The important thing is that they were able to lose weight which is a perfect proof that it’s not impossible for you to enjoy the figure you have long dreamed of through hard work, persistence, and living healthy.

Look at yourself in the mirror!

Denial could stop you from losing weight. In most cases, individuals who don’t look in the mirror every day are the ones who suffer from weight problems. Self-assessment is very important since it’s the only way for you to determine how much pounds you need to shed off to achieve your ideal weight. Consulting a professional nutritionist or dietitian for this matter is also a brilliant idea. He or she can help you in determining your proper weight. Your age, gender, and height are considered on this matter so it would be best if you let an expert do the computations. Having a true friend around can also help you evaluate your weight loss progress. A real friend won’t mind hurting you just to say the truth than pamper you with lies. Constructive criticisms can greatly encourage you to strive more in losing weight and finally achieving your dream body.

Move out and Start a New Life

Living apart from your family has tons of benefits. It can train you to be responsible. Always remember that your parents won’t be around forever. Eventually, you’ll need to leave their protection and start a life of your own. Moving out from your parent’s care can provide you more room for weight loss. Their bad eating habits will influence you not more. It’s easier for you to control your diet if you personally plan and prepare every meal of the day. Moreover, you’ll need to cook, do the dishes, clean the house, wash your clothes, and be responsible of all the household chores your mother once did for you. These home responsibilities can serve as your daily exercise. The amount of calories you’ll burn in the process is surely more than enough for you to lose weight in just a few weeks or even days. The feeling of success as you live on your own can also help minimize stress and eventually encourage your body to be relaxed and be healthier than ever!

Learn from their Mistake

Don’t let your fat sister influence you negatively. Treat her mistake as a warning. If you don’t do something, you’ll end up just like her. Try to observe all the negative things that happened to her because of having a lot of excess weight as they can serve as your wakeup call. Do you find her crying every night due to all the criticisms she got from her peers? Does she prefer staying at home instead of enjoying the weekend with her close friends? Is she suffering from a certain illness encouraged by her weight loss problems? By keeping these negative effects of obesity in mind, you’ll be more than willing to do everything possible to fight it. Don’t let her pull you down. Instead, pull her up! Help her lose weight and be free from all its side effects. Having a partner in your weight loss endeavors could make the process less tedious and a lot more fun!

Be an instrument of Change

Influence your family to lose weight and stay fit. Encourage them to start living healthy, not just for weight loss reasons but also to be free from all sorts of health problems. This is true particularly to your parents. Given they are young no more; their immune system won’t be strong enough drive away illnesses. They don’t need rigorous exercise. A diet composed of nutritious foods is enough. Stop them from eating excessively sugary and oily foods. Cook for them if you have the time. Lay out a meal plan based on their health needs. You can work this out by having a word with your parent’s physician. Their diet needs to be closely attended if they are currently facing certain health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. You must also extend your rally towards living a healthy life with your siblings. Let them join your exercises and follow your diet. Having a family member as a partner in losing weight could make the endeavor a lot more fun and exciting which helps keep you away from being frustrated and eventually stopping your regimen.

The urgent school or work project

It’s not surprising why college students and people who have very demanding jobs suffer from weight problems. They tend to spend almost every hour of their day sitting as they finish urgent school or work requirements. Sitting can kill you! Most experts agree that people who mostly sit during their normal days are likely to suffer from heart problems compared to those who embrace a much more physical lifestyle. Is this a perfect excuse for school? Of course not! Studying and doing your school projects is a must! However, you don’t need to compromise your health in the process. Here are a few tips that can help stay healthy while being a responsible college student or a hard-working employee.

There’s always a right time for everything

Studying whole day won’t do you any good. There is always a right time for play and work. You should carefully plan your days. Like how the saying goes, “All work without play, makes a dull boy.” This principle will not only keep away from the downsides of sitting but opens up new opportunities for weight loss. Playing is a good way to burn calories. You won’t feel obliged in the process since you’ll be having fun so doing it every day won’t be a very big challenge. Be involved in fun and team-based sports such as basketball or soccer. You can encourage your friends to play with you in a scheduled time each day. Who knows you might discover your hidden basketball skill in the process. You can be the next Michael Jordan or a promising striker while losing weight! Jotting down your daily activities will greatly help. Follow them as much as possible and be serious about it. You’ll eventually realize how proper organization can increase not only your work output but the amount of pounds you lose every day towards a much sexier body.

Hangout with your friends!

Go out of your cave and explore the world! Simply strolling in the mall with your friends can be enough to drive the stress away brought upon by your demanding work or college subjects. For once, forget all about your upcoming examination or the delayed job assessment and have fun! Enjoy every minute as you bond with your friends. Walking from one dress shop to another can also help you burn some pounds away! If you have a car, leave it. Commute with your friends not only to save from gas expenses but also to have more fun. By walking all around the streets as you search for exciting product deals and great places to hang out and chill, it’s not impossible to achieve the body you long dreamed for. The best part of all is that you won’t feel obliged since you are a having an excellent time along the way.

Leave you stressful job and find one that you love doing

Despite how busy your work schedule may be, don’t forget to allot a certain time of the day to do what you love. This is not a problem for people who already got their dream job yet most of us are aware that this is not the usual scenario. If you love to draw, stop working for at least an hour, get a paper and pencil then start creating works of art. This is a perfect stress reliever. As we all know, stress can impair your body’s ability to lose weight so keeping it at bay should be one of your main concerns. Engage to indoor sports like ping-pong. You can play it with your co-worker or friend. This game is very easy to play and it involves a lot of movements making it a perfect partner for your weight loss endeavors. Ping-pong can also help improve your hand and eye coordination which makes it a must for those who have jobs which require outmost attention.

Start your day with a smile

You’ll use more face muscles as you frown but its psychological effects are something all of us would not want to experience. Our body secretes a certain enzyme which causes negative effects to our digestive and immune system if we are sad. On the other hand, positive hormones are increased if we are happy. Which one would you prefer? Stay smiling even if it seems the whole weight of the world is on your shoulders. No problem can be solved by your tantrums or by frowning. You can do something to evade it for now but the time will surely come that you’ll need to face it head on. Your positivity in life could positively affect your weight loss goals. It will be easier for you to jog or exercise every day with a clear mind. Stop worrying about problems. Instead, find creative ways to solve it with a smile. Start living a happy life and you’re one step away from achieving your dream weight.

Drink plenty of water

Water is an essential factor in losing weight. You should drink at least eight glasses a day. Water is one of the few things that we can consume in abundance without suffering from all sorts of side effects. Aside from its relaxing effect, a well-hydrated mind and body thinks and move better. Drinking water also burns a considerable amount of calorie aside from the fact that it can help you suppress hunger. Have you heard about water therapy? The exciting effects of this treatment left millions of people around the globe thankful. Water is undoubtedly the source of life. We can live for weeks without food but only a few days in the absence of water. You should drink plenty of water each day not just for weight loss reasons but for overall health. Just make sure you are drinking clean water. If you are not certain about your water source’s safety, simply boiling the water before use could do the job. What are you waiting for? Start drinking clean water to lose weight fast!

Your friend who eats like a bear but won’t gain weight

I know what most ladies out there feel about a friend who can eat anything she wants while still maintaining her awesome curves. Come on! Where’s justice?! I have such a friend and I’ve been asking her non-stop about the secret which made her almost immune to weight gain. Sadly, she simply leaves this reply every time: “Nothing! I think the gods favor me.” It really, I mean REALLY pissed me off. Having such kind of friend around is not only frustrating but can also encourage you to develop bad eating habits. She will most likely encourage you to eat a lot knowing that she won’t gain weight in the process. You must learn to resist! You’ll end up facing serious weight issues if you falter from opposing her enticing offers. I’m not saying that you leave her but simply keep in mind that your metabolism is minute compared to hers. She’s not human, but a bear! So don’t eat like her. Keep your diet properly planned and always choose healthy foods over those that have high calorie and sugar contents.

Similarities and Differences of bears and women

  1. Bears need to eat a lot, women just can’t
  2. Both women and bears are territorial
  3. Women love fancy dresses, bears don’t need any cloth
  4. Both women and bears threaten their foes with roars!
  5. Bears are shy, most women nowadays are not

Forget about dieting! Be a Legend!

Diablo III

Sorry gamers! I was almost teary when typing Diablo III to include this epic game on the list. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that Diablo III and other addictive PC and console games can cause weight gain. Most gamers spend hours of sitting while playing. I know how exciting it is to bully weak players, grab rare weapons, and enhance your character’s look. I am an online game player so I understand how you feel! However, following such an unhealthy lifestyle could bring upon a lot of health problems including obesity. Gamers don’t have time to cook their food as well so they usually eat those that are prepared instantly. You’ll be in trouble due artificial ingredients and preservatives that instant foods often have. Your eyes will also suffer from the consequences. Despite recent monitor technologies which help’s lessen its bad effects towards our eyes, gamers still can’t escape this side effect especially if they play non-stop every day. I’m not telling you to stop playing Diablo III! Who can?! I mean it’s like the best game ever! I even played Diablo II once more while waiting for the Diablo III beta to come out. Play Diablo III but in moderation. There’s no point of having the strongest character if you end up six feet from the ground! Like what I’ve said earlier, organize your time. Play hard at a certain part of the day and work hard afterwards. You can even encourage yourself to do more by considering an hour of non-stop Diablo III action as a reward. Kudos to all Diablo III fanatics out there! May the force be with you all!

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