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Whole Body Reiki Treatment - Basic Reiki Positions

Updated on March 4, 2010

Reiki Body Treatment

There are different positions of Reiki treatment, and depending on what your Reiki practitioner feels is best for you, you may receive a full body session or just a session focusing on one or two positions. There isn't one Reiki position that is best for everyone, so it will be up to you and your practitioner to find the best position for you and your bodily and spiritual needs.

Depending on your circumstance, you may find that some of the following positions may be left out of the Reiki session, or other positions may get more time and attention to balance.

Other factors that may affect the length and extent of your session, may include age, other treatments, the illness or concern, and the healer. For young children and older adults, shorter 15 to 20 minute sessions are better than longer more intense sessions.

Reiki Body Positions

The whole body Reiki treatment is a step by step process that is not randomized; although, you will find that different Reiki practitioners will have different step sequences that they have adopted and modified for what they've found as the most effective.

Remember that the energy can pass through clothes and blankets, even though some people prefer to remove these obstacles.

Hand placement- hands do not have to be on the body, especially if there are wounds, burns, boils, or other concerns. Most practitioners will place their hands up to 4 inches above the body.

Remember that there isn't one sure-fire position and technique to Reiki. Below, is just one method and of whole body Reiki healing treatment.

Head Positions

  • Place hands in a parallel position, covering the forehead down, with one hand on either side of the nose. This position works to heal fatigue, common cold, sinus problems, allergies, addiction problems, discontent, eye diseases, and weakness. This is a basic position for chronic diseases.
  • Place hands on or by the temples with fingertips toward the cheekbones. This position works to heal stress, lack of concentration, difficulty learning, common colds, headaches, and is most effective for people who act on their emotions or reason.
  • Place hands over the ears. This is useful for healing problems of the pharyngeal region, equilibrium and balance, acute hearing loss, nasal diseases, confusion, tension in the jaw (causing neck, spine, and back problems), and other outer and inner ear problems.
  • Place hands in a cupping position at the back of the head with the fingertips on the soft spot of the head. This position helps heal and aid in relaxation, headache, eye diseases, common cold, abdominal complaints, anxiety, asthma, hyperventilation, circulatory concerns, sneezing, and nausea.
  • Place hands over the front area of the neck, not touching the neck. This position can aid in thyroid and parathyroid conditions, metabolic diseases, weight problems, anorexia, stuttering, anxiety, poor posture, chronic tension (of the legs, pelvic area, and shoulder muscles), blood pressure, repressed aggression, sore throat, tonsillitis, hoarseness, behavioral and communicative disorders, insecurity, and problems associated with the larynx, vocal cords, and lymph nodes.

Chest and Abdomen

  • Place one hand on top of the other and place both hands above the center of the chest in a 'T' shape; make sure to not have the hands directly over the heart, keep them either below or above the heart. This will help heal heart problems, diseases of the heart, heart attack recovery, stroke recovery, and heart palpitations.
  • Place one hand diagonal on the right side of the upper chest below the neck and the other facing the other direction on the left side, forming a 'V' shape, but keeping neither hand touching. This will help the immune system, lung disease, bronchitis, common cold, coughing, and respiratory illnesses.
  • Place one hand on the lower ribs of the right side and the other hand right below the first. This position will help heal liver and gall bladder diseases, digestive problems, hemorrhoids, excessive and repressed aggression, high blood pressure, metabolic problems, and detoxification
  • Place hands on the lower left ribs, one below the other. This will help heal diabetes, pancreas and spleen diseases, blood formation, indigestion, and infections.
  • Place one hand above the belly button and the other hand below the belly button. This will help heal anxiety, nausea, heartburn, digestion problems, hemorrhoids, gastro-intestinal diseases, vitality, inferiority problems, metabolic diseases, and depression.
  • Place one hand across the thymus and the other hand at a right angle below and between the breasts to form a 'T' shape. This reiki position will help heal heart trouble, deafness, excessive or lack of emotion, heart trouble, depression, general weakness, lung disease, depression, and problems with the lymphatic system.
  • Place the ball of each thumb at the ridges of the pelvic bone with the tips of the hands close together forming a 'V.' This will help disease of the ureogenital system, diseases of the reproductive system, breast tumors, climacteric problems, digestive problems, fear of physical closeness, allergies, general weakness, convalescence, sexual problems, weight problems, anorexia, circulation problems, lack of will to life and enjoy life, and it will help strengthen the immune system.

Back and Legs

  • Place the hands between the shoulder and shoulder blades. This will help headaches, tension in the back and shoulders, and problems with responsibility.
  • Place the hands on the shoulder blades. This will heal lung and heart diseases, manic depression, and difficulty admitting feelings or being at the mercy of your feelings.
  • Place the hands on the lower ribs above the kidney. This will help problems with partnerships and relationship, kidney diseases, allergies, shock, detoxification, sexual problems, fear of physical closeness, fear of heights and falling, and difficulty sharing feelings.
  • Place one hand across the sacral plate above the fold of the butt and the other hand vertically below with a little pressure. This will help heal hemorrhoids, digestive problems, fissures, disease and illnesses of the genitals, complaints associated with the sciatic nerve, and overall weakness.
  • Hands are placed, cupped, on either side of the knee. This will help joint damage, injuries, problems associated with the knee, capacity for learning, and ability to take criticism.
  • Hands are placed around the ankles. This will heal joint damage and diseases of the entire pelvic area.
  • Hands are placed on the soles of the feet. Some say the big toe must be covered from the tips. The feet can be pointed up (lying on your back) or downward (lying on your stomach). This will help headaches, oversensitive people, coma, anesthesia, various types of shock, reflex zones, stomach, kidney, liver, and gall bladder.

Other Special Positions

Some reiki practitioners feel there are special positions for certain conditions and illnesses other than that the basic reiki positions listed above.

  • Diabetes- Place hands on the elbows for about 10 minutes.
  • Hip joint problems- Place hands laterally to the right and left of the hips for no more than 10 minutes but done so regularly.
  • Multiple sclerosis- Place both hands on the top of the head for no less than 10 minutes per session but done so regularly during each session.
  • Sciatica- Place on hand over the sacral plate (above the butt) and the other on the sole of the foot. You'll want to do this at least 10 minutes per session for each foot.
  • Heart attack recovery- Place both hands together with one crossed on top of the other either below or above the heart.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the advice in this article should in no way replace that of a licensed physician. Reiki is not proven as a healing treatment, and it is always recommended that for serious illnesses, you consult your doctor for diagnosis and to discuss treatment.

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    • profile image

      Bluefeather7 5 years ago

      Like your hub page.........once saw a page with the purple pictures of hand positions all together, like to see that. Where can I find it? thanks

    • profile image

      kate 7 years ago

      Can you give me any guidance for a position to help my one year old relax into sleep - he wakes up regularly agitated (possibly with nightmares?) and i would like to know if there's a position that might help him

    • cureremedies profile image

      cureremedies 7 years ago from US

      Great explanation of hand positions and what these hand positions might help to alleviate. I use a different system of hand positions, but it all works the same. There are so many ways to do it. Its all just a matter of preference. Thanks for the great hub!