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Why Cant I Get Pregnant-4 Reasons Why You Cant Get Pregnant!

Updated on December 4, 2012

Why Cant You Get Pregnant?

The desire to conceive and have children is among the strongest hopes couples have to face. It oftentimes forces the women to ask why cant I get pregnant? Infertility often brings about depression and feelings of desperation on an otherwise happy and loving relationship. It's important to know that there are a lot of reasons that might affect your ability to conceive a baby. Even with the most fertile lovers, the likelihood of getting pregnant earlier months of trying is typically only 25%. That means that about 75% will not conceive.

Why cant I get pregnant... 4 Reasons Why You Cant Get Pregnant!

>>> Stress...Being stressed out will greatly impact your odds of being successful at conceiving. Whether you're just trying way too hard to get pregnant or the requirements of your work are stressing you out. Many women find that the more stressed they are the much more troubles they have conceiving. The same can be said of their partners.

>>> Lower sperm count...A lot of men already have a decreased sperm count, which could reduce your odds of getting pregnant. You should have your partner tested to get rid of this possible trouble.  Do-it-yourself home test kits are available if your mate is shy about having his sperm counted tested.


>>> Drinking too much coffee...If you consume a lot of coffee daily, you may be reducing your chances of becoming pregnant. A few reports have indicated that any amount of caffeine could intervene with the ability of the egg to successfully implant itself into your womb. Therefore, stopping a full pregnancy from happening. Cut down or better yet Quit your coffee intake, while you're trying to conceive.

7 Tips You Must Follow If You Want To Get Pregnant!

>>> Your age...numerous women are waiting until they've finished their education and have well-established careers before beginning their family. Advancing maternal age could be preventing you from conceiving quickly. For every year you are past the age of thirty your fertility lessens steadily.

Still if all things are in your favor you still may not be able to conceive. It took me 7 long years to become pregnant...I was brokenhearted and just wanted to have my own baby to hold!. ###############################################################


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    • profile image

      naveita persaud 

      5 years ago

      hi iam naveita i am 32yrs of age i have been married for 12yrs now n have never gotten pregnant iam very anxious to become a mom more than anything my husband was tested and his sperm count has bacteria in it the text shown also the count is low 25% of total count we went to doctors but nothing happend anyone please help me if u are or were in my position i love my life and husband very much and i want this to work ...


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