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Why Am I Fat? My Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Updated on June 13, 2014

Why Am I Fat?

By Tony DeLorger© 2010

The short answer is ‘fear’, but of course how that fear evolved and from what circumstances can be far more complex. Fat is like a protective covering, a layer or wall that sits between you and the world as a whole. Fat can be a shield, a comfort and a punishment, but when broken down to its basic cause; fat is governed by and the result of ‘fear’.

You might say that you have a hormone or a thyroid problem or you’ve inherited a slow metabolism, but your thoughts create your reality, so you have the control. Many of us face physical difficulties, inherited traits or whatever, but how we accept, deny or deal with those problems is always up to us.

Overeating or choosing a poor diet over a good one, and not exercising, will of course put on weight. Our bodies are machines that require fuel to operate. But when that fuel is poor, unbalanced and in excess in relation to our output of energy, our bodies readily store the excess as fat that can be later transformed into energy when needed. Not just sugar or fat intake but carbohydrates in general are our greatest enemy. Our body turns them into sugars, that when in abundance and not expended as energy, are stored as fats.

That process is in fact genetic, stemming from a world where food was scarce and had to be hunted or procured. Not knowing when they would eat next, early humans’ over-ate and stored fat in order to survive the lean periods. Now, without that energy expense of seeking food and having an abundance of it, we still have those genes, and readily store any excess of energy as fat. And what’s worse, having self-image problems simply holds onto the fat, you, constantly giving yourself reasons for its existence.

So, to be slim and dare I say ‘normal’, we must have a balanced relationship between food intake and exercise: taking in energy and expending energy. There is no magic diet or plan that doesn’t address that very fact- energy in / energy out. We are all different in makeup and metabolic rate, so the balance is for you alone to determine.

Now let’s look at why you eat poorly or in excess and don’t exercise- the mechanical reason that you are fat.

Individuals may have a propensity to gain weight or not deal well with sugars or carbohydrates, but ultimately it will be eating patterns that cause the problem.

Why do I like pastries, pies, cakes, greasy take-away, cheeses, cream, ice-cream, rich sauces, chocolate, soft drinks, potato chips, lollies and butter, lots of butter? Well for a start, they taste good, but if you nodded to more than half of this list, you are probably a ‘carb addict’. You’ve been eating this food for so long, you have created an addiction. Because this food is a comfort to ingest (satisfying your addiction), the more you have the more you want. You eat to celebrate and you eat to console, but mostly you eat to comfort.

There’s nothing wrong with these foods in small quantities, but our bodies aren’t designed to cope with such high levels of fats and sugars and if you continue to eat like this, it will be a death sentence, a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.

So why are we doing this to ourselves?

Most people who are obese suffer from issues of poor self-esteem, not as a result of their weight, but rather as a major cause of it. Fat can represent protection from the world, separation from the world or as a self-punishment for not having accomplished something or a lack of confidence to succeed in life. Some women put on weight to confirm their partner’s love and their security, or to fend off attention and sometimes to hold onto to experiences that they can’t bring themselves to deal with.

Fat is like an ‘accumulation of negative thoughts’ not outwardly dealt with. But whatever the cause, thinking of yourself as having little value on any level can create this need for comfort food, eventually creating an addiction. If we think of ourselves as unworthy, unattractive or unlovable, then that’s what we are creating, first in thought and then in physical terms, fulfilling our prophecy of feeling worthless.

These foods we crave are heavy and saturated in either fats or sugars or both. It is this very extreme of sensory impact that feels like it will add to our padding, our shield of protection against a world of hurt and pain, thus explaining the reinforcement of the condition.

So in essence, it is not the actual food that hurts us, but the way our thinking has accumulated it to a point of imbalance.

The important fact to realise is that the comfort we gain from eating too much of the wrong foods can be gained from the right foods for the opposite reason. In other words, when we feel good about ourselves and we eat right and exercise, we feel great and after the old habits are broken, we crave the good things and enjoy them threefold. Within a week or so our taste buds are renewed, our palate changes and we can begin to function normally and crave what we need. It’s like breaking any habit. When you’re a smoker you can’t imagine your life without it. When you’ve quit, you can’t believe that you ever did it.

When our body is out of balance we can’t know or feel what it needs, being overwhelmed by our habitual cravings. When we are in balance, we begin to crave fresh and unprocessed foods, grains, vegetables and fruits. When you make this decision to change, you will soon begin to understand your own body as it asks for what it needs, and you suddenly crave good wholesome foods.

So how do we break the cycle and deal with our issues, the root causes of our self-doubt, our problems and obesity? The first step is to change your thinking. Your mind created this circumstance and now you have to turn it all around.

We must first learn to focus away from our stress and give ourselves a chance to reprogram in neutral. A simple process of meditation shall do nicely, so that you can learn to quieten your mind and calmly deal with your problems.

Passive Exercise

This is a technique I adapted to not only help you to lose weight, but also to let your body relinquish accumulated blockages from the past.

Firstly, choose a time in your day when you can have peace and quiet for about twenty minutes. Sit upright on a dining chair, knees together, hands placed palms down on your thighs. Just relax and close your eyes.

I want you to breathe slowly and deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth and when you are completely relaxed this is what I want you to do.

After an inhalation, hold your body tense for the count of five. Hold every muscle taut, especially problem areas like stomach, thighs and buttocks. Then completely relax and exhale, visualising your fat draining away from you along with pent up issues and problems. After doing this ten times, just continue to breathe deeply.

In the same calm state, I now want you to visualise yourself thin. See yourself in the mirror, slim and healthy. See yourself eating healthy natural food and feeling energy brimming from every pore. See yourself active and running and doing all the physical tasks that you’ve not been able to do for years. Most importantly, see yourself happy, smiling and enjoying your new-found freedom and life.

This exercise and visualisation will help you focus on the positive and shift your thinking about you, and the negative accumulation of a poor self-image. Visualisation helps you to modify your thinking to change your reality. As I’ve said, we are the masters of our life and have control. Repeating these visualisations reinforces what you want and opens the door to change.

At this point you are not out to address the root causes of your problems, but rather learning to focus on the positive to create a new thinking pattern.

We create our reality and circumstance, therefore it is up to us to change our thinking to create a new, less inhibited and restricted person. So don’t wish yourself thin, simply remove the power of the blockages and problems that caused you to make negative decisions about your diet and health.

This is not a weight loss program but a change of thinking and attitude. The result is weight loss and a healthier and happier life.

If you can stay away from all your normal comfort foods for one week and eat plenty of lean protein, vegetables, fruits and drink lots of water, I can assure you, you will want this new diet to stay. Along with the Passive Exercise, you’ll need to walk for at least half an hour each day. But by far the meditation and ‘Passive Exercise’ is the most important process to master.

Juicing and Blending to Health

The best thing you will ever do for your health is to buy a juicer. Regardless of your diet, the two recipes I’m about to share will transform your health, have you glowing and feeling great.

1/ Each morning blend a few lemons, a one inch piece of ginger and about 200g of blueberries. This can be watered down to taste, but it offers a natural antibiotic, is high in antioxidants and will clean out the gut and keep it healthy. Most illnesses begin in the gut.

2/ Cut up the following and soak in hot water for 5 min. 2x beetroot, a few beetroot leaves, 4x lemons, half a bunch celery, 4x apples and a little ginger. Juice and refrigerate. One glass a day will transform your skin, improve hydration and keep you nourished. These are ‘superfoods’ and have a miraculous effect on your health.

As well as working on your attitudes, these two recipes will aid in your transformation. Enjoy.


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    • profile image

      Tony DeLorger 

      7 years ago

      I'm already addicted to Hubpages! Thanks for your comment.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I found this useful, not because I am fat ... I could so use some, but because I do have my own addictions. Your idea of the breathing exercise sounded good. I do think meditating of some sort might help one who is battling an addiction. Geez ... I think Hubpages can easily become an addiction if one let's himself/herself go.


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