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Why Are My Fingernails Yellow

Updated on June 10, 2010

Why Are My Fingernails Yellow?

If you've asking yourself why are my fingernails yellow," then you should know that there are many internal and external causes of yellow fingernails. Having yellow fingernails does not necessarily mean that you have an infection or fungus. It can simply be because of your daily habits.

Nail Fungus

One of the most common and earliest signs of nail fungus are a yellowing of the fingernails. Thickening, flaking, and bad odor are all secondary symptoms of nail fungus once the fungus has really set itself into the nail bed. If you're asking yourself "why are my fingernails yellow," and suspect it's because of fungus if it occurs almost suddenly, you can see your doctor or opt for homeopathic at-home remedies proven to take care of your nail fungus.

Excessive Fingernail Polish Usage

If you're addicted to having manicures and can't live without them, then the answer to the question "why are my fingernails yellow," may be as simple as the nail polish you are wearing. Deeper shades such as burgundies and reds are more likely to tint your fingernails. Also, constant polish can lead to less oxygen reaching your nails, thus causing them to turn yellow. Alternating between polish and bare nails is a great way to let your fingernails breath, unless try using a base coat always underneath you nail polish.


Not only does smoking cause many serious health problems, but the chemicals in them will also cause your fingernails to turn yellow. So, if you're smoking and wondering "why are my fingernails yellow," then quitting may be a smart option not just for the health of your fingernails, but also for the health of your entire body.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Holistically, the fingernail is a good indicator of a person's internal health. If you've ruled out all other options and are still asking yourself "why are my fingernails yellow," then a medical disorder such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies like zinc or iron, lung disease, kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes may be to blame. Other options such as fungus and extrinsic factors should be ruled out first, but if your nails change suddenly - it is something to see your doctor about.

If you've been wondering to yourself "why are my fingernails yellow," it's probably time you did something about it. There is a slew of products out there, and I am sure your doctor is more than willing to help you out. If you're into more natural alternatives first, there are real, all-natural cures for yellow fingernails available. You need to stop asking "why are my fingernails yellow" and start doing something about it - it's not a sign of health.


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