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Why Are Women Smoking? A Closer Look

Updated on August 22, 2010

Why Are Women Smoking? A Closer Look

 The thought of women smoking for many is little more than a glorified habit that somehow transcended itself into today’s society.  Since the early 1920’s, Hollywood depicted many images in various magazines and billboards of women smoking cigarettes.  Although the idea of women smoking in society was deemed as being offensive at the time, cigarettes were a marketable product, which nonetheless were in vogue.  That said, why are women still smoking if there are health risks to smokers and the general public?

 Many women often smoke socially and aren’t consciously aware of the peril that they are immersing themselves into.  They may drink and smoke simultaneously in various social environments, such as a nightclub or at a bar.  Because of the dangers that smoking causes to the women smoking and innocent bystanders receiving second-hand smoke, restaurants and other establishments alike have decided to prohibit smoking altogether.  Though we have examined women’s smoking as being a social and cultural norm, the fundamental reason one smokes is due to a stressful work environment and busy lifestyle.  Those who don’t manage stress well may seek a different outlet to cope with it and others take what life throws at them with ease.  Quite a few of women who are smokers look forward to their cigarette breaks to “take a break” from the daily conundrums they encounter in life.

 Further, we may notice that many women are smoking more than men because it’s been said that smoking helps to promote a means of weight loss and weight management.  Society nowadays places a great deal of emphasis on how women are supposed to look and the majority of women who are slender are deemed to be the most attractive.  It is a popular belief that smoking cigarettes works as an appetite suppressant because the taste buds and nasal passages over time develop impaired sensations in response to food.

 Many of us may have longed for a cigarette in an effort to eradicate empty feelings or boredom.  Though many of us look forward to having social exchanges with other people, there are some women who aren’t as outgoing and look to smoke a cigarette in an effort to avoid being social.  The cigarette seems to offer smokers a sense of relief from social ineptness in that the cigarette becomes the person’s friend.  For those who are really introverted, smoking may replace the need for friendship although the previous appeal to smoking is currently decreasing.


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