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How to Be True to Yourself

Updated on August 12, 2017
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Lanecia is a writer and blogger who enjoys inspiring others through self-help articles.

My Story.

My generation is happily known for being the millennials, young professionals, social media gurus, and etc.

I grew up in the late 1980s to 1990s where playing outside was a part of life and body image was almost non-existent until the middle school years. Within a few short years I came to realize that the times have drastically changed.

My 2009 introduction to college was a huge culture shock. There I saw women virtually concealed in make-up with fake hair and colorful streaks. I saw skinny bodies sucking down caffeine as if it would save their lives.

I saw nails as long as celery sticks, and high heel shoes. The words PINK were never-ending as I walked the halls. I saw the latest shoe trends every week. There were no limits to how far people would make their fashion statement. It was a time of self expression.

I slowly got sucked into the culture. I felt as if I "fit in", and as long as I looked something similar to everyone else, I was fine.

I had to have whatever it took to look cool. Even if it meant draining my bank account, which mean't I had to bother my parents about money. Just recently, I begin to discover my natural self. No more fake hair and splurging on the latest gear that will get me nowhere but to an empty bank account.

Your Story.

First, you have to find your story. Where you come from? How you can you use that to find who you really are? What experiences have you been through? What time in your life did your attitude change about yourself?

The experiences you had growing up to the present time in your life can shape the way you perceive everything.

Finding your story is one of the best ways to figure out who you really are. If you can recall instances in your life that changed your perception of life, those experiences can help you to find out your likes and dislikes.

Also, if you can recall situations where you felt pleasantly happy with what you were doing, those experiences can help you to figure out what you like to do to build hobbies.

Make Connections or not.

Making connections with people is one of the best ways you can uplift yourself and find out more about yourself.

When you talk to people you find out more about them and through that dialogue you come to find many things you may or may not relate to, which is how figure out more about you and them as well.

You may or may not build connections and strike meaningful conversations, but you will find out who you can connect with on personal and casual levels.

You also may find that people some people are not who you would rather connect with and that is perfectly fine.

Also, building connections is always a great way to figure out who you really are.

So whether you are younger, older, or somewhere in between; social interaction is very beneficial and will provide you with a lot of insight of who you really are.

Stop Comparing.

No life on Earth is the same. You cannot expect to get the same life experiences as everyone else.

How can you ever figure out who you are if you are constantly looking upon the lives of others? Ever heard of the saying, "A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms"? This is very true.

Your life is your life to live and so are the experiences that come along with it. Do you know how mediocre life would be if we all looked and experienced the same situations day in and day out?

Life is about making your own progress and growth to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

So focus on you and you'll see that you will find great possibilities. Positive things will happen more than you expect. You will also find that other positive people will become attracted to your positive energy due to your authenticity.

So stay true to yourself and you will come to love the person you have become.

Become Mindful.

It is important to become aware of the present, when focusing on yourself. When most people think of mindfulness, yoga may come to mind.

Yoga is a great way to become more mindful of yourself, but know that there are thousands of other ways to be mindful as well.

Whether you meditate or exercise, it is important to take time for your physical wellness.

Finding time to reflect upon your experiences in life is a great way to figure out what works for your life. Having trouble finding ways to be more mindful? Check out this great article on mindfulness:

Find Courage.

Finally, to be yourself you need to find the courage to stand out.

Following your own desires will lead you to become who you truly are. There is no need to be afraid of the person you are becoming.

Do not aim to please people or to find their approval for anything that you do to improve your life.

Aiming to please others will only lead you to be the person they want you to be, and not yourself. It is not in your best interest to care what others think about your true self. With or without the approval of others you can still make a positive impact on your life.

Finally, find the courage to block out any negativity in your life. This will only cause issues in your life, and hinder you from becoming who you truly are.

You have to remember to always aim for a positive mindset in everything you do. It may be hard at times, but it will make you stronger as you push through this challenge.

Always remember that you are your own person, so be you and your life will thank you.

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    • tomsmithnow profile image

      Tomi Smith 

      2 years ago

      This is a really nice article and a lot of the same things I live by such as positive thinking, being yourself, knowing that happiness comes from within and not comparing yourself to others. You have life figured out at a very young age. Good for you! Very inspiring!


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