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Why Being a Personal Trainer is about more than fitness!

Updated on June 2, 2012

Chances are if you're a fitness fanatic, personal training has always been a thought or possible career option should you wish to start a new career. You get to keep fit,help other people get fit, and you get paid for it! But beyond that, teaching and training others will often lead to learning even more about your own fitness and routine. But there's more to personal training than just fitness.

To get started you obviously need qualifications and a plan. Do you get a job or start a business? If you're starting a business there's a whole other level of knowledge like managing your finance and time, aswell as promotion and networking. This is an art in itself. However if you look for a job all you have to do is let your employer basically guide you in the beginning and you'll get the gist over time. The only problem is you have to convince that employer before hand that you're worth hiring, and the money isn't as impressive as owning your own business. But these aren't difficult hurdles, just obstacles that need to be planned for and overcome to reach the next level.

Customer Service

You might love getting the gym, lifting heavy weight, getting aggressive, and finding that gut wrenching intensity that has you leaving on an unbelievable high, but is that what every customer wants? Chances are you'll want someone who wants good results for minimal effort. So choosing the right exercises and catering to their needs comes first. But the big different could be in their motivation.

Some clients just need a trainer to motivate them, but others need an outlet. A personal training session can sometimes turn into a private counselling session (don't try to counsel them, just be an ear for them to vent - you're a trainer not a counsellor). Many people out there need to physically exert themselfs to relieve their stress, vent their aggression and a personal trainer might be their solution. I've heard of clients bursting into tears during a private session, but working through it and feeling refreshed at the end.

Like any profession, you need to ACT professional. Help the client achieve what it is they want out of your services and always be polite and helpful. In time, you'll learn to pick up what your clients are really after. They don't care about lifitng weights or exercising, they care about results - being healthier, fitter or even just finding that outlet. Give them the resutls they want, and they'll keep coming back!


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