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Why Brazilian Diet Pills Don’t Work

Updated on November 4, 2016
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Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher. He wrote for IHPVA magazines and raced these vehicles with his father (who builds them).

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There’s a simple reason why Brazilian diet pills don’t work; most of the ingredients in these “herbal” pills are useless. Like many diet pills, it seems to be full of fancy-sounding fillers grounded up and stuffed in gel capsules. Whether they work or not, these pills depend on inert ingredients and wishful thinking that they made magically burn fat away.

Still, it has something that makes them distinctive: their supposed origin. Not surprisingly, the manufacturers play up the marketing ploy that the beautiful and fit people of Brazil take one of these pills to retain their health, youth, and vitality. As a result, they’ve become mail-order darlings of the dietary and supplement market.

But, these pills have a dark side. Traces of illicit drugs have been found in them. In other cases, the other ingredients were dangerous enough to make one ill. Either way, these pills not only don’t work, they can put the dieter’s health at stake.

Types of Pills

There are several brands of diet pills produced in Brazil and marketed throughout the world ( including the United States). One brand is called the Brazilian Diet Pill, another is known as Herbathin. The most popular of these pills is called Emagrece Sim, which is purported as being an all-natural pill. The makers of all three diet pills claim that a dieter can lose 20 to 30 pounds per month on their products.

The claims made by these pill manufactures have never been substantiated nor have they been tested for results in a controlled experiment. And, just like with most diet pills, they have not been endorsed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States.

From Allure.Com
From Allure.Com | Source

Warning to Consumers

In fact, FDA condemned some of these pills. In 2006, the FDA warned consumers not to use brands, Emagrece Sim and Herbathin. According to their press release the pills contained “several active ingredients, including controlled substances, found in prescription drugs.”

First reported by the Miami Herald -- and confirmed by the FDA -- the pills had a type of amphetamine, as well as tranquilizers and antidepressants in its system. These drugs require a prescription in the United States.

Amphetamines, the most common ingredient found in these pills, are classified as a controlled substance due to its addictive qualities. Once used to treat depression, it was discovered that the drug caused weight loss in its users. As a result, it become a popular ingredient in numerous diet pills produced in the United States. However, amphetamines were removed from these pills when it was discovered that they were highly addictive and had the potential to harm its users.

There have been several recorded incidences in which the Brazilian pills had done more harm than good. The Miami Herald reported a case in which four women seeking employment at a Miami hospital were turned down after they tested positive for an illicit drug. The women claimed they were taking one of the over-the-counter Brazilian diet pills.

In this case, the women gave the head of human resource for the hospital the pill. The pills were examined in a laboratory, which confirmed that amphetamine was present in them (They were the first to discover amphetamines in the pills).

Other dieters on Emagrece Sim or Herbathin have reported feeling “hyper” or not being able to fall asleep. Others have reported that the pills had to go through several levels of usage before it started to work. It was not reported if this was the result of the dieters changing their eating habits or being more active, aside from taking these pills.

Herbal and Natural are based on the false premise that anything natural – not manufactured – or anything produced from plants is supposedly better for the dieter.

The Detox Pill

Emagrece Sim and Herbathin are not the only Brazilian pills to come under scrutiny. The aptly named Brazilian Diet Pills is a two-part system designed to cleanse and detoxify the body, and then boost the energy and metabolism of the dieter. A yellow pill acts as “cleanser” and “detox” pill. The orange pill supports metabolism and energy by burning fat, increasing energy and stamina and reducing feelings of hunger.

The ingredients of these pills are as follows:

  1. Yellow pill contains magnesium hydroxide, carqueja, fedegoso, jurubeba, guava leaf, gervao, abuta and psyllium.
  2. The orange pill contains Cha de Bugre, Yerba Mate, Guarana, and Damiana.

There are no forms of amphetamines in these ingredients; however, its effects are based on principles that have never been proven to work.

Suspicious Labeling

All these pills tend to use marketing terms such as cleanse, detox, herbal, and natural. Detox refers to the belief that toxins in the body needs to be removed in order for someone to lose weight or be healthy. Cleansing is often associated with the colon; the belief is that cleaning that area would rid the body of harmful bacteria or toxins. Herbal and Natural are based on the false premise that anything natural – not manufactured – or anything produced from plants is supposedly better for the dieter. Detox or “cleansers” have never been proven to work, just as the stuff they’re supposed to remove has never been proven to be harmful.

Weight Loss in the Pockets

One thing is certain, in terms of weight loss; most of the weight the Brazilian pill dieters will lose will come from their wallets. These over-the-counter pills are expensive. The Brazilian Diet Pills, alone, cost $99. 95 when ordered online. Membership with the company may reduce this price by thirty dollars, and will include a weight loss guide, newsletter and other discounts on shipping, but the pills are still expensive.

Another overlooked problem with Brazilian diet pills (all of them) is that the weight-loss results are short term. Short term diets often suppress or restrict the calories one consumes. Often, however, it’s not fat that the dieter is losing; instead, they are losing weight created by water, which can quickly come back. It doesn’t stress the need for exercising, healthy eating or cutting calories. These pills are quick fixes that don’t have lasting results.

In the quest to lose weight, many dieters will throw caution aside. The different forms of Brazilian diet pills are an example of how far people will go to lose that weight. The problem with these pills is that they don’t work. Not only that, some of them may create addicts, instead of a thinner and healthier person.

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Originally posted on

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