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Why Breakfast Should be the Biggest Meal of the Day

Updated on March 26, 2018

Many people ignore breakfast, believing it is not important, because of lack of time and no delay on work or schools and study institutes. Breakfast is the most important meal of the body throughout the day.

The breakfast benefits
The breakfast benefits

Morning is the most time when the body needs good nutrition. Breakfast is, therefore, more important than other meals. Breakfast often includes egg and vegetable omelets, yoghurt, tomatoes and whole-grain toast. Full-grain pies or salmon pies are also recommended.

Eating breakfast gives you the energy to start your day actively, and helps control and control your weight. As well as giving you the ability to do your daily duties and tasks perfectly.

So here are the most important reasons why you should eat breakfast daily. Most of these reasons are related to a range of health benefits to the body, by eating this meal.

The Main Benefits of Breakfast

1 - Breakfast Helps Improve Learning Abilities and Memory Functions.

Eating a healthy meal in the morning is associated with increased learning capacity and improved memory functions. More importantly, adolescents and children need a lot of energy throughout the day, given their involvement in many activities.

Brain & Memory Health
Brain & Memory Health

Children who are taking breakfast will have a better performance during school activities and games. In addition to developing their skills to solve problems and the ability to improve coordination between eye movement and hand.

The experts also noted that children who eat breakfast can finish their homework on time. Starting a healthy meal today will not only help you remember but also helps you concentrate. When breakfast is neglected, your body begins to fight fasting and hunger by increasing insulin levels.

2 - Eat Sweets for Breakfast.

When you eat a few sweets at breakfast, you will get a lot of calories that will inevitably be burned throughout the day as a result of doing your daily tasks. Thus, your eating of sweets will help you lose weight and help you prevent diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. So there is no fear of eating a number of sweets in the morning for breakfast.

3 - Control Hunger.

One of the most positive effects of breakfast is controlling hunger until the next meal, which helps to control weight gain. In addition, breakfast stimulates metabolism throughout the day, helping to burn excess calories.

4 - Get the Necessary Fiber.

In addition to energy saving, eating a balanced breakfast helps you get enough fiber in your diet and restore your blood sugar levels to normal after fasting overnight.

Breakfast should include a source of fat-free protein such as skim milk or yogurt, and complex carbohydrates such as whole-grain bread, whole wheat, oatmeal, and fruit.

How to Organise Your Main Meals

Eating energy foods
Eating starchy foods
Eat low fat foods and carbohydrates
Drink plenty of water
Eat meat products
Eat Salads and vegetables
Eat eggs
Drink water and juices
Soup is essential at dinner
A simple table for organizing the main meals of the day

5 - Eating Breakfast Reduces the Feeling of Hunger Throughout the Day.

The Breakfast Benefits
The Breakfast Benefits

Some theories suggest that eating breakfast reduces the feeling of hunger throughout the day. It also helps to make better food choices in other meals throughout the day. Some people believe that neglecting breakfast will reduce calories consumed by humans. But this strategy is not good because those who skip breakfast end up eating more food and dinner.

Eating eggs at breakfast is preferable to eating simple carbohydrates because it gives the body proteins that help it feel full. Which enables you to make healthy food decisions throughout the day. The meal should also include fruit, whole grains, vegetables and dairy products.

6 - Missing Breakfast Causes you Obesity.

Neglecting your breakfast will make you eat more during the day at lunch and dinner times to make up for breakfast. This will help increase your weight and exposure to health problems you need. So you have to take the nutritious breakfast every day.

7 - Control Your Weight.

Control Your Weight
Control Your Weight

Breakfast helps you control and control weight. This only happens when you choose the food you eat at breakfast wisely, while at the same time making a balance between calories and exercise.

People who did so were able to lose 30 pounds of weight within one year. For those who skip breakfast, they choose less appropriate foods to control their unbridled eating habits. For example, malnourished people end up eating snacks throughout the afternoon. In the evening, when the metabolism becomes slower, the calories they eat are stored as fat. Which makes it difficult to control and control weight.

8 - Breakfast Enhances Immunity System.

Breakfast helps to strengthen the body's immunity against diseases such as diabetes. This healthy meal aims to control sugar levels through the proper balance between protein, carbohydrates and low fat.

If you do not eat breakfast, you will feel hungry all day, and you will have a low blood sugar level. Since most people work during the day, what you eat at dinner does not have any value, except if you work in night shifts.

9 - Obtain the Energy Necessary for Daily Activities.

The body needs fuel to get instant energy and replenish the glycogen stores after spending several hours without eating during the night. Start the day with a healthy breakfast that helps you regulate your blood sugar levels. As a result, you have more energy for exercise and routine activities in the morning.

On the other hand, not eating breakfast may expose you to headaches, confusion, fatigue, and weakness associated with low blood sugar levels.

10 - Teach Children Healthy Eating Habits.

By eating breakfast, parents give a good role model for their children. Through this simple behavior, parents teach their children healthy eating habits that they will always follow throughout their lives. If children see their parents eating breakfast, they will follow suit. Parents are the ideal of their children, and they must show them how important a healthy diet is.

Breakfast provides children with the energy they need throughout the day. This makes them not hungry, giving them a greater chance of focusing on play, remembering, learning, and problem-solving.

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11 - Breakfast Limits Fatigue and Hunger Pain.

Breakfast Limits Fatigue and Hunger Pain
Breakfast Limits Fatigue and Hunger Pain

You can reduce the feeling of tiredness if you have breakfast. Feeling tired can mean lack of energy, or being tired and in a state of idle and lazy. To overcome this feeling, drink plenty of water, reduce caffeine, and eat balanced meals in the morning.

Balanced diets promote metabolism, which gives the body energy to burn. As for the functions of the brain, the matter depends on glucose. Whole grain bread or cereal is recommended for breakfast.

12 - Breakfast Lowers the Level of Cholesterol.

One of the important benefits of breakfast is to lower cholesterol levels and, as a result, reduce the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that people who eat cereal in the morning, consume less cholesterol than those who do not eat pills at all.

Other products made from oat bran and grain bran also help lower cholesterol levels. The soluble fiber found in the grain is of great importance, so it should be consumed in large quantities. It takes 3 grams of fiber per day to reduce the cholesterol level. To reach this amount, a person needs to eat 4 cups of grain.

13 - Increase Productivity.

When you eat well in the morning, you will get important nutrients and energy to increase your productivity throughout the day. If you do not have the appetite to eat or enough time to eat your breakfast you can look for a replacement. You can, for example, eat juices or milk and fruit. This may give you enough energy to do your tasks effectively.



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