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Why C-section isn't as selfish as they try to tell you

Updated on April 28, 2012

Disclaimer: Before reading this article, understand that I'm not a medical expert, and I'm not even a mother- I'm just a woman trying to put forward a logical argument. I have nothing against vaginal delivery, if you go for it, amazing, I salute it. But I've seen how everyone acts like C-section is a blasphemy, a selfish act. This article aims to show why it isn't so. Everything I've written here is from the research I've done over the internet on the topic.

I've seen people try to act like C-section is bad for you and your child.

They will show you that C-section has risks. Let me discuss that first. Yes, statistics show that the mortality rate of children born by C-section is greater than that of children born by vaginal delivery. But as a student of statistics, let me tell you- the conclusion is faulty. Why? Because in majority of the cases, the pregnancy had risks anyway. If a survey is conducted where woman with no-risk pregnancies have C-sections, I'm confident the results will be different.

Besides, statistics also show that the mortality rate of children born by planned C-section, is less than that of children born by emergency C-section. Even if your pregnancy has no risks or complications, for some reasons (eg: the baby being too big), you may have to opt for emergency C-section. So why not plan it in advance and reduce the risks?

Also, remember, even if you are giving birth vaginally, you can have to opt for emergency C-section in many (sometimes life-threatening) situations, eg. if the baby is too big to pass through the canal, if the baby is stuck and is quickly losing oxygen supply, etc.

They will tell you it's major and unnecessary surgery. Well, surgery is unnecessary, but so is pain. You tell me which is worse of the two. It's not even high risk surgery- with the advancement of medical science, if you are in the hands of the right doctor, it is completely safe. I've seen one article mention that "C-section can prick your bowels". Remember it's worse case scenario, and the chance of it happening is really really less if your doctor is skilled. These things don't usually happen in C-section! As for the risk with anesthetics, better anesthetics are used now, and the risks are minimum. And if you needed a heart surgery, you would have gone for it anyway, even if it is a much major surgery, so why not C-section?

They will take you pain is a natural part of child birth. Tell them that thousands of years back, before anesthetics were used, severe pain was also a part of surgery. Pain is never wanted, it's not something that you have to put up with, there is an option to avoid the pain, so why not?

They will tell you breast-feeding immediately after child-birth helps create better bond between mother and child. Maybe initially, but months or years later, it's the same. I can personally vouch for that, I was born of emergency C-section, and I've also seen other C-section babies.

They will tell you C-section is costly. Yes, it is. But your child will only be born once, so spending money on it shouldn't be such a big deal.

They will tell you child-birth is a natural process. Yes, it is. The whole process of fertilization of an egg, to growth of the embryo, to child birth is natural. C-section doesn't make it unnatural. Besides, when you are giving birth, even if it is by vaginal delivery, you are still using drugs or epidural, it is still assisted, it's not 100% natural.

Remember, you are no less of a mother if you give birth by C-section! Being a mother is not just about how you give birth- it's also about how you bring up your children, how you look after them, what you teach them to make them good human beings. So do not let anybody make you feel like a selfish mother for wanting C-section!

You are the one giving birth- it's your choice. Do not let anybody force or manipulate you. Listen only to your doctors and health care experts, and then decide what is best for you. I cannot tell you that one method is better than the other- both have pros and cons. You and your doctor will decide which is best for you.


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