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Why Can't I Lose Weight? 5 Top Tips To Melt Your Fat And Inches

Updated on May 9, 2014

Have you ever asked yourself this question: "Why can't I lose weight?" It may be a problem that you've just come across recently in the form of a dieting plateau, or you just feel you've tried so many diets in the past your body composition is in serious need of readjusting and the reading on the scales simply will not go down no matter what you do.

Let’s take a look at 5 solutions that can put you back on track immediately and get that scale and tape measure reading on a downward slide.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Tip #1 – Weight and strength training is one of the most underrated ways to lose weight permanently. It is not just for men and bodybuilders but the ladies and even pensioners too.

It holds on to lean muscle why you are dieting and the more lean muscle you have the faster your metabolism will burn calories. Those that do not use strength training as part of their fat loss plan will lose muscle as well as fat. So when you jump on the scale and think you’ve lost 4 pounds it will not be all fat tissue.

Please don’t make the mistake of getting to your ideal weight and ending up with a slow metabolism. It’s a recipe to join the 95% of those who regain their lost fat within 5 years.

Why Can't I Lose Weight Tip #1 Video

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Tip #2 - Are you including a cheat day or at least some cheat meals into your eating plan? If not you must start to do this on a regular basis and not feel guilty about it.

In fact see it as a reward day for following your plan most of the time. A good rule to go by is the 90 – 10 rule. Which means stick to your programme 90% of the time and for the other 10% eat and drink your favourite naughty/junk foods (yes, that means ice cream, pizza, chocolate etc, just don’t go overboard with your portion sizes).

How does this actually work? You have a hormone in your system called “leptin” which is an anti starving hormone. So when you consume more calories than normal your leptin levels go up and stop your body from hanging onto its excess fat when you are starving or lower calories to protect itself.

As your leptin levels increase your body now feels like it has been fed and will then allow you to burn more fat again.

Why Can't I Lose Weight Tip #2 Video

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Tip #3 – Are you on the wrong exercise plan? There are ways of exercising more efficiently to boost your metabolism for hours after you workout and burn more calories during your session.

The most effective way is to do HIIT (high intensity interval training) By doing short sprints and going back to steady state cardio then sprinting again and repeating this cycle will turbo charge your metabolic rate and burn fat like crazy. So swap your boring steady pace cardio for 1 hour and replace it with a 20 – 30 high intensity interval programme for amazing results.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Tip #4 – Are you getting enough protein on a daily basis? Protein holds onto your muscle tissue when you are on a fat loss plan. Like we said in Tip #1, loss of muscle = slow metabolism = slow or no fat loss.

Aim to eat some lean protein with every meal or snack 4 – 6 times a day. If you find this inconvenient or live a hectic lifestyle then supplement some snacks with protein shakes and protein bars.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Tip #5 – Are you taking in more calories than your burn on a daily basis? Yes, it comes back to basics with this tip. Write everything and I mean everything you eat and drink into a food journal/diary. It’s surprising how many calories can sneak into your daily routine.

Like the Starbucks vanilla latte you have on the way to work and at lunch time. That’s a whopping 500 calories there in just 2 drinks which could be replaced with a herbal tea or iced lemon water.

When you write in your journal you must be totally honest with yourself and be accountable for your food and drink consumption. After one week analyse your results and if you are still not losing weight then either eat/drink less or do more exercise to get back on track.

Why Can't I Lose Weight Tip #5 Video

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