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The Bitter Truth Why You Haven't Lost Weight

Updated on July 26, 2015

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

I am very sure that before you opened this article, you were wondering or have once wondered why can't you lose weight?

You have also asked yourself these questions:

  • Why is my efforts to lose weight not yielding positive result?
  • Why can't I be as slim as this or that person?

If this is your case, then worry not because you have come to the right place and I want to assure you that by the time you are done reading this article and putting everything or at least 90% of the things I am about to tell you, you will see yourself slim down like it was magic.

You are excited already right? Lol, sure I know how it feels and I can feel your excitement already, but wait, I also have some bad news for you on why you won't lose weight even after reading this article.

But before I tell you that, let me first give you the good news; loosing weight requires nothing but discipline and determination.

Do you know that we are what we consume?

Ask yourself: where is my body getting the fats and nutrients that's making me get fatter and fatter by the day?

In as much as I believe that obesity runs in some people's lineage, I also believe that someone born into a family with obesity trait will never get obese if he or she starves.

Which brings us to the bitter question: what do you eat? How much food do you consume on daily basis?

If you walk one thousand miles a day and eat a bowel of chocolate plus burger as breakfast, some snacks as lunch and full chicken as dinner, then your trekking one thousand miles effort to lose weight will be as useless as the “p” in psychology.

If you don't know how human body works, let me inform you that the excess of what you consume on daily basis is usually stored in your body to be used when your body needs energy.

Let's assume you consume 20kg of fat, and maybe your body needs 12kg, your body system will only make use of the 12kg it needs and then store the remaining 8kg in your body; your skin, to be used when it runs out of energy.

Now, let's assume you consumed the 20kg fat on Monday and your body was able to use only 12kg, storing the remaining 8kg for later use, and then on Tuesday, you consume another 25kg, and maybe due to too many task you had on Tuesday, your body consumes 16kg, storing 9kg, and the trend continues.

Gradually over time, your body will keep piling these excess fat up to the extent that it starts to adjust to accommodate the excess stored fats, which in turn increases your energy requirement level, such that you now start to get hungry easily, leading to you eating more often to quench the increasing daily hunger.

Over time, this starts to manifest on your body weight as your body keep adjusting to accommodate the excess stored fat in your body, which leads to you getting fatter.

What am I trying to say? Loosing weight isn't just about going to the gym, doing press up, etc, it requires consistency, diligence that encompasses exercising to watching what you consume on daily basis.


Some Bad Practices Stop You from Losing Weight

1. You drink a lot:

Oh, you think only solid food consumption makes one add weight? Then you are wrong because every calorie counts, whether consumed as a liquid or solid.

You drink juice in the morning, you drink in between morning and noon, you probably do same at night and you still believe you are starving and will lose that abnormal weight gain? Not until you replace your juice and alcohol consumption with water!

2. You Party A Lot

This may sound weird to you, but the truth is; the more happy moments you have in life, the more likely you are going to consume more than your body needs.

In my personal research, I have come to discover that most people who wants to lose weight and are working hard to lose weight most times don’t achieve this goal because they attend too many party in a week, and in the process, end up consuming too much alcohol and other high-calorie foods that their body don’t actually need, and after that, they go killing themselves with exercises hoping to lose weight fast, nope, it won’t work.

3. You Believe Working Out Is All You Need To Lose That Weight

Exercising can make you want to eat more—but that doesn’t mean you should. And it doesn’t help that most people grossly overestimate the number of calories they torch at the gym.

One of the best foods to reduce body-weight in a short time is grapefruit; this fruit is scientifically proven to leads to less body-fat.

4. You Sleep A Lot

Sleeping makes you add weight because when you are asleep, your body stop consuming energy, and hence requires less food nutrient; which leads to your body storing excess food nutrients you have consumed, and this in turn leads to weight gain.

So in order to lose that weight, you must avoid oversleeping, so that your body system can have time to work and burn out some of those food calories you have consumed.

If you correct the aforementioned factors and combine it with your current weight loss plan, I am pretty sure that you will burn that body fat faster than expected.

Reader's note:

But then, if you want to challenge yourself to lose that belly fat in 30 days, you may need to get a copy of my 30-Day Challenge that will take you by the hand and show you how to burn that belly fat in just 30 days! It works like magic, and I am sure if you follow my instructions in the book, you will come back to say THANK YOU!

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