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Why Capsule Rather than Tablet Delivery is Better for the PAGG Stack Supplement

Updated on May 19, 2011

Since Pareto Nutrition started developing a PAGG Stack Supplement in line with Tim Ferriss's recommendations in the Four Hour Body, they immediately understood that quality was everything.  Delivering the minimum effective dose of PAGG to maximise impact on the slow carb diet meant that selecting a capsule instead of a tablet was a no-brainer.

Pareto's product is unique in only requiring 4 separate doses a day - quite an improvement on the 17+ you'd have to take if using a 'home-made' stack!  However it's still only going to be effective if compliance is high, and people take them consistently.  Repeated studies show that people prefer swallowing capsules, rather than tablets - even though they might be larger in volume (using liquid ingredients rather than compacted solids), they are smooth and narrow to wash down the throat.  They have no odor or taste, and no aftertaste either - this is important when a supplement contains a high dose of garlic! 

The ingredients of the PAGG stack are all natural and widely available, but quality of sources varies a huge amount.  For example, Pareto Nutrition is the only combined stack utilizing only the scarcer and more bio-available 'R' form of alpha lipoic acid, which is a highly volatile antioxidant.  It starts to degrade immediately on exposure to light and air, and reacts with many kinds of potential tablet-binding ingredients.  Opaque capsules protect and preserve the ingredients of the stack for maximum quality.

Pareto Nutrition's iconic red and blue capsules are designed to hold their ingredients in a safe and inert state until ingestion, at which point they dissolve very rapidly in the acidic environment of the stomach.  They are absorbed immediately and enter the bloodstream just before eating (hence the '10 minutes before meals' dosing advice).  This impact on insulin sensitivity is what makes the difference, and gives the PAGG stack its advantage for dieters.

Tablets come in many designs and utilize varying technologies for delivery and absorption - but there is no tablet that can offer the specific advantage of capsules for the delivery of PAGG.  Tablets also need to contain a range of binders and fillers, and are often compacted at very high pressure to create a small and swallowable dose - of course it's much easier to swallow a small tab than a big one, but it means that the active ingredients are released much more slowly in the stomach, as they take far longer to dissolve.  PAGG needs to work in one swift and accurately-timed dose, not in slow-release (which is why a tablet might well be a better mechanism for a painkiller or hormone replacement medication designed to work over a longer period, for example). 

Pareto Nutrition's PAGG stack is definitely not the cheapest on the market, because getting the quality right takes effort and investment.  But they knew that serious four hour body fans who wanted to get the best weight loss and body recomposition methods would be ready to invest in a higher quality and better functioning product.



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