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Why Counting Weightwatchers Points Works for Me Over and Over Again

Updated on January 18, 2017

My Ongoing Weight Watchers Story

I'm what you might call a chronic Weight Watchers participant. I've been going to Weight Watchers on and off for years. I'm not one of those dramatic stories that you read about on the Weight Watchers website or see in their TV ads. I didn't go down five dress sizes, and until I reached my mid forties, I never had a problem with weight. Oh, like most teenagers and young women I fretted and thought I was fat, but trust me, I wasn't .

Thus, at Weight Watchers, I never cared about reaching a goal weight or becoming a lifetime member. The last thing I was interested in was being able to go to Weight Watchers meetings free for the rest of my life. I only cared about losing the immediate ten or fifteen pounds that were my temporary problem. When they were gone, so was I.

Weight Watchers would never claim me as a success story, but in a way I am. I've never had the self discipline to eat healthy or count calories on my own. I've started various diets with the best of intentions after reading the book or being convinced by a friend, but they never have lasted for more than two weeks. I did Atkins and South Beach , tried to stay in The Zone and even tried eating for my blood type, oh and there was a time in the 80's when liquid diets were all the rage. I tried something that consisted of three protein drinks a day and nothing else and couldn't do it for more than a week. It made me feel awful.

It was after the liquid diet fiasco that I finally showed up at Weight Watchers for the first time at the age of 44, and learned how to check off those little boxes on my tracker. This was pre-internet, so all tracking was done with pencil and paper. I had a certain number of little boxes to check off per day divided into protein,fat, fruits and veggies, dairy, etc. and I ticked them off. as I ate them. It was very logical and structured. I remember that salads and most veggies were free and I could eat all I wanted and I had to drink six glasses of water a day. I was surprised at how easy it all was as long as I kept track. Having to show up in person each week for a weigh in and to compare notes with others kept me motivated.The group was all very rah rah and the leader was a refugee from a cheer leading squad, but the bottom line was that it worked. In a couple of months I lost the ten pounds that represented creeping middle age and then, I just faded away, until the next time I needed to lose ten or fifteen pounds. The next time I returned ( a decade later I might add) Weight Watchers had switched to a " points program" which was easier to navigate and had also started putting out its own line of foods.

I've done Weight Watchers at least half a dozen times and am currently participating in the latest "Power Points Plus" version . What do I think of Weight Watchers? I love and trust it. for a lifelong recidivist like me, who just needs help from time to time to trim the sails and stay in her jeans, it is an awesome program and the only thing that over time really works for me.

small steps are the way to go
small steps are the way to go | Source
Here's what I looked like in my 20'safter childbirth too--no weight worries then
Here's what I looked like in my 20'safter childbirth too--no weight worries then | Source

Why Weight Watchers Works

I think Weight Watchers is the best long term, realistic program for weight loss going. The most important thing it has going for it can be summed up in two words-- honesty and accountability.

While these days you can do Weight Watchers exclusively online and totally cut out the meetings and weigh ins, I don't recommend it.

The Weight Watchers website is a dynamite resource but the bottom line is that there is no substitute for showing up at a physical place, getting on a scale and having another human being weigh you. There is something about that person to person contact that brings home the fact that you are the only one accountable for how and what you eat in a way that no website or online chat room, no matter how wonderful, can.

That said, the online tools that Weight Watchers offers are awesome. They let you figure out virtually every possible meal you might ever conceivably have and track it effectively electronically. You can also keep track of fitness, find recipes, set up your own support community, go to a chat room, and much more. Recently, I was out with a few friends for Sunday Brunch at a local watering hole. A couple of the women at the table were tying to figure out what the weight watchers point count was for a particular dish and were wrangling over it while the waitress waited, pad in hand. Finally the waitress, whipped out her smartphone, went to the Weight Watchers online tools and figured it out for them. How cool is that?

A Great Testimonial for Weight Watchers

At It Again with WW " Points Plus"

I'm back at Weight Watchers again these days and have just about shed the fifteen pounds I came there to get rid of. But I have to say a few good words about the new Points Plus program that Weight Watchers has introduced.

Basically it is just a fine tuning of the twelve year old "points" program which I was already familiar with. I have to say I love points plus. I never get hungry, can eat more fruit and there is more emphasis on integrating exercise and working activity points into the program, which I really love. I'm walking, swimming and wearing a pedometer around the house. The weight comes off more slowly ( perhaps that is a function of my age rather than Points plus) but it does come off and it has been a breeze to do. Actually, it has been so easy, that I am thinking of staying around for another ten pounds and getting to my goal weight just to see what happens. All I know is my friends say I look good and I feel great.


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