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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Updated on September 5, 2012


Why do bad things happen to good people?

Are these people bad, so they deserve what they get? Or are some people just unlucky in life? Is it the choices they make? What is your opinion and what do you think? That's a lot of questions to answer. I won't be able to answer them for you because each person has there own opinion about this. A debate regarding this topic could go on for quite some time and there would still be no definite answer.


Inevitability it is up to each individual how and why certain things happen to them. Whether or not they allow others to persuade their choices or they think for themselves. If their decisions are not good, they are the ones that are ultimately responsible for them and their consequences.

I believe a lot of decision making comes from what peoples experiences are. None of us know everything, so we have to rely on our past and what we have experienced to make the best decision we can.

Should your choice turn out not so good, instead of getting down on yourself, try to learn from it. So the next time something similar comes up you will have more insight for your decision making.


Do bad things happen to good people?

Of course they do. Life gives us lemons at one time or another. Some of us are pretty regulars at making lemonade. Why? Who knows. Bad things do not always involve our choices or decisions. They just happen. As we have all heard, "life is what you make it". Good and bad things happen to everyone. How you react to them is what really matters. You can not control what happens in your life, even though we sure wish we could. The only thing you have control over are your own actions and reactions.

Do you believe in Karma? the saying of 'what goes around comes around'. If you are good, good things will come your way. If you do bad things, you better watch out. I like to think I believe in Karma. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me going ;)


Life is too short to not be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy. If you need to make a change in order to find happiness - do it. Change is difficult for most. You need to think long and hard on any changes you decide to make. Your change/s will most likely affect others in your life. You will need to be strong, once you start you can't go back. It will not only defeat the purpose, but it will defeat you.

I'm learning you need to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what others may say about you - truth or lies. What matters is how you feel about you. That can be a very tall order if you've been told different for any length of time. People with low self esteem have a tendency to put others down to make themselves feel better. That put down can be very hurtful to ones self esteem. And before you know it, you are believing what they say.

I really want to believe there is good in everyone, sometimes it's just hard to find. Unfortunately I have met evil and hurtful people. The only suggestion I have is to steer clear of them as much as possible. Surround yourself with positive people who love you.

Remember your goal is to have a happy life, even if it's not the one you envisioned. Being around negative influences will not allow that to happen.

Peace and love ~


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    • DragonflyTreasure profile image

      DragonflyTreasure 5 years ago from on the breeze.........

      Boy, does that hit home. I was always taught to be good. I even brought that with me into my marriage. If I was just good enough......well, 36 yrs later I finally realized I was good, but the other half wasn't. So here I am at 56 going through a divorce trying to learn to love myself and that I am good.

      Thanks so much for the comment, you hit the nail right on the head. Have a great day ♥

    • baygirl33 profile image

      victoria 5 years ago from Hamilton On.

      Good treatment of an everyday condition!

      I agree and know from experience that if you're told every day that you are not good enough as you grow up,you will end up not liking yourself.We are very susceptible to this kind of treatment when we're young.It takes a long time to teach yourself that you are good.

      Good useful hub!

    • DragonflyTreasure profile image

      DragonflyTreasure 5 years ago from on the breeze.........

      Thank you, much appreciated ♥

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Inspirational work. We lights must shine a little brighter.