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Why Do People Take Krill Oil?

Updated on February 13, 2013

Krill oil is an increasingly common nutritional supplement that seems to be gaining popularity. Why are people taking it? Is it just another fad? Here are a few medical and cosmetic reasons that people are taking these tiny red pills.

What Is Krill Oil?

Krill oil is extracted from tiny sea creatures and sold in capsules as a general health supplement. According to sellers, it is useful for everything from easing depression symptoms to strengthening the cardiovascular system. A few studies have shown that it shows promise in the treatment of some skin conditions as well.

Benefits of Taking Krill Oil

Unlike many nutritional supplements, there are many studies that show promising results in those who have taken krill oil. When taking the oil supplements daily for eight weeks, one krill study found that the capsules helped the patients with their psoriasis symptoms. The members of the study found that their psoriasis-affected skin itched less, had less scaling and was smaller than before they started the treatment. Because psoriasis is notoriously difficult to treat and embarrassing to many sufferers, this study presents sufferers with an easy and inexpensive way to treat the skin condition.

Another use that women may find useful is that taking the oil may ease some of the more difficult symptoms of PMS. The oil was found in one study to make menstrual cramps less painful and to lessen some of the emotional problems that come with PMS.

Krill Oil or Fish Oil?

Using these oil supplements in place of fish oil is sometimes done because of the small size of the capsules in relation to the enormous size of most fish oil capsules. And because krill is such a concentrated oil, you take only one small capsule a day instead of anywhere from two to six fish oil capsules a day recommended by most brands.

Krill also comes with no odd aftertaste and won't cause a lot of burping the way many fish oils do. While the price is higher than most fish oils, the convenience of just one small dose each day and the medical studies that show the link between krill and lessened psoriasis have made this oil a staple on drugstore shelves.

Should You Take Krill Oil?

In some cases, you may want to talk to your doctor about starting thus supplement. For most healthy adults, this isn't necessary, but if you are taking a lot of medications or you have surgery scheduled, a doctor's permission is advised. Like fish oil, krill oil thins the blood, and this can cause complications during surgery and with certain types of medical conditions.


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