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Why Do You Always Feel Sleepy and Tired?

Updated on November 8, 2011

Why do you always feel sleepy and tired?

Do you always feel tired and sleepy? You ask yourself the questions and sometimes you don’t know why. There are obvious reasons and of course underlying causes, some of them maybe you can detect it yourself, others you may need some time to find out, here I can provide with you some unobvious but could be the reasons why you always feel sleepy and tired.

Do you find yourself bored at your work? This could be the reason because people are reluctant to do what they are not interested, it makes you feel carried away all the time. If found so, just shift your work or find something interesting to do. But at the end, you do have to put up a little. Life is something you have to put up with.

Have you ever suffered from any shocking or stressful events in your life? If so, just check if there is something wrong with your adrenals. It is called adrenal fatigue and many people are not aware of it. The symptoms of adrenal fatigue are feeling sleepy during the afternoon and stressful all the time. Some major events in your life could have a long lasting effect than you thought. Just go to hospital and make sure you don’t get it.

If you want everything in your life to be best, you can be exhausted. Life is imperfect, you have to admit and tolerate it. If you are a perfectionist it may put undue stress on your mind and you feel fatigued all the time. It has a devastating effect and the problem is especially serious with women than men. Stop abusing yourself like this smell the flowers some time.

If you always say “yes” to everyone, you are putting additional stress on yourself. If people ask you for help, try to say “no” to something you can’t handle or takes a lot of time. Being a “nobody” sometimes is a good thing. If you try to please people too much, you should find pressing issues and keep yourself busy.

Generally speaking, healthy lifestyle can make your life better. Some of the causes are easily treatable but others take time. Try to adjust yourself a little bit to evade the problem. If you found nothing in hospital try to look into yourself because there are thousands of causes leading to feeling sleepy and tired all the time.


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    • profile image

      dorothy456 5 years ago

      This is the main topic which have nothing too seen lime of this hero main rajpoot

    • cyberwriter profile image

      cyberwriter 6 years ago from Beijing,China

      Thanks for the comment, keep looking back.

    • Clever Katie profile image

      Clever Katie 6 years ago

      Great hub. It should be mandatory reading for women who think they can do it all. I was someone who always said yes to every request, felt exhausted but kept on saying yes. I ended up in the cardiac unit because of it. Voted up and useful.