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Why Exercise is the Real Fountain Of Youth

Updated on August 5, 2017

As people age, their bodies often change drastically. Fortunately, there are natural methods, such as exercise, that can help counter the effects of age and prevent the body's deterioration. Regular and safe exercise can repair the effects of age on things such as sex drive, back pain, certain diseases, and energy.

Exercise increases sex drive

Often times with age, sex drive decreases. People seem to be always looking for the best medicine or remedy to fix their libido, and little do they realize that exercise is arguably the most effective cure.

Exercise increases circulation throughout the body, which has been said to improve sex and escalate arousal. The endorphins released during exercise also boost energy and improve overall mood, which contributes to sex drive.

Exercise leads to an increased flow of testerone, adrenaline, and endorphins throughout the body; all of these hormones play a major role in sex drive and performance. Weight training has been proven to be the most effective exercise method to increase testosterone. With increased testosterone levels, men and woman may experience more frequent and stronger sexual desires, improved endurance as well as stronger muscles, more energy, and better circulation to genital areas. If you're looking for a way to improve sex drive without the use of medicine, exercise is a great place to start.

Many who exercise find their overall confidence and physical appearance is improved. This in itself can lead to higher sex drives and better sex. When people feel confident and strong, they feel more desirable and are more willing to participate in sex.

Working out can relieve back pain

Many aging people seem to experience worsening pain in certain areas, especially the back. Years of strain on the body can really leave the back messed up because the back is such an important body part and muscle that we use more often than we realize.

Exercising, especially resistance training, strengthens the muscles of the core and the back, which is an extremely effective measure to relieve back pain. When the core and back muscles are strengthened, it takes the stress off of connective fibers and the spine. Exercise and stretching can also improve the mobility of the back, which helps to prevent injuries. Often times the back, especially the lower back, can get very tight and cause pain.

Exercise can cure certain diseases

Have you ever heard someone say 'exercise is the best medicine?' In some cases, they may not be wrong. Exercise can often times be more effective than medicine and medical treatments when it comes to certain diseases. As people age, they can experience a variety of illnesses and diseases they may have not had in their youth. Depression, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, anxiety, and high cholesterol are all inflictions that have been proven to be cured by proper exercise and health choices. Obviously people with these conditions should always consult a doctor before turning to exercise to cure them, but there have been recorded cases where exercise has been the most effective cure.

Do you ever experience an increase in energy levels while participating in a consistent exercise regime?

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Working increases energy levels and reduces depression

Age can sometimes mean the loss of energy and an increase of depression. These two can often times go hand in hand; occasionally when people have more energy, they are happier and better equipped to deal with feelings of depression.

Exercise improves strength and endurance, which generally means you can keep going through your day longer without tiring. As people age they may find that certain things make them feel more worn out than usual, so they find themselves being able to do less and less as time goes on. Exercise can successfully counter this effect. Exercise can also increase blood flow and metabolism, which boosts energy levels in the body.

The increased and consistent flow of endorphins, improved strength and endurance, and self satisfaction that result from exercise can be valuable tools to fight depression. Aging can heighten the feelings of depression in many people.

Exercise can prevent various health problems.
Exercise can prevent various health problems.

Exercise can prevent health problems

As you age, it is important to take care of yourself to prevent future diseases. Proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle can prevent health problems that often afflict people as they grow older, such as diabetes, various heart diseases, illnesses such as the flu, dementia, and obesity. It is amazing how the decisions you make early in life can affect your health as you age. A sedentary lifestyle full of junk food and unhealthy choices will almost certainly take a major toll on your overall health at some point in life. Healthy individuals who participate in exercise and take care of themselves often feel and look younger than others.

Exercise will make you feel and look younger

Have you ever noticed that people who exercise, eat well, and take care of themselves look younger than other people their age? This is a common occurrence and can be contributed to a consistently healthy lifestyle. These people often feel younger, as well. Exercise truly can be the cure to aging's unfavorable effects on the body.

Exercise can make you look and feel younger.
Exercise can make you look and feel younger.

While exercise can certainly be the most effective cure for many illnesses, those experiencing diseases should not exercise without the approval of a doctor.


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    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 2 months ago from Brazil

      I completely agree that exercise is beneficial for so many reasons. I work on our farm and this seems to give me a good overall workout. Some days it is mostly upper body and then the next it will be lower body.

      Although exercise can seem like a struggle when you start out, by keeping with it the benefits begin to show.