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Why French Women Don't Get Fat

Updated on May 23, 2012

Mireille Giuliano is a French Woman, so Why Did She Get Fat?

"French Women Don't Get Fat" is based on the true story of Mireille Giuliano, (the author of the book) who gained twenty pounds when she was chosen to be part of an exchange student program between the United States and France when she was in her teens.

French women don't get fat, but - and this is a big BUT - they DO enjoy pastry, bread, wine, and three course meals! How??? This book will show you how to eat all the foods you love without living a life battling the bulge with guilt on the side.

Unlocking the secrets of the French woman, Mireille takes us on her journey back to her former body shape, empowering us to do the same by using what she calls "re-casting" which is basically her method for being able to enjoy all of the foods we desire and crave for a lifetime, and remain in good shape physically.

It won't be hard to resist these french pastries after you follow the program

She Wondered, "How Did This Happen to Me?"

She knew when she stepped off the train back in France after staying with her American host family for a year that she had gained some weight. However, she didn't realize how much until her own father did not recognize her at the train station upon her return! Needless to say, this upset her greatly and sent her to visit her family physician, the kindly Dr. Miracle, to figure out just how she gained all of this weight and what she could do to get it off and return to her former shape.

Dr. Miracle reintroduces her to the principles of consuming French foods plus the time-honored tricks the local women use to be able to eat all of the delicious foods available on every street in Paris, and eat them for a lifetime without feeling deprived, but without becoming heavy and out of shape.

No matter who you are, if you're a woman, you've probably asked this question, "How did this happen to me? When did I get so fat?". I think we've all been there, I know I have. I have started to incorporate some of the strategies in this book into my own life to see if they work and happily I can report, I have lost 10 pounds in two weeks just by using just wo of them, the "Magical Leek Soup" recipe on page 14 and also by adding more water to my daily diet.

The 3 Phases of the Program

In the first phase, all you are going to do is keep track of what you are eating and when you are eating it, and you will also write down your mood or physical feelings associated with your food choices.

The second phase is probably the hardest part. It's when you realize that certain foods you eat are the culprits in your weight gain that has become out of control, and it's when you have to put eating some of your favorite foods on hold until you learn things like portion control.

You will learn things that French women already know, such as the first few bites of any food are the best bites and that really all you desire is the taste of the food. You will also learn how not to overindulge by putting too much on your plate, and, in addition, how to eat your foods one at a time to enjoy the flavor more.

In this phase you will come to realize that moderation is the key.

The third phase is called the "re-casting" of your diet and involves re-introducing some of your favorite foods to your diet without feeling guilty. This is the longest phase because you will be so used to eating healthy it will come very naturally to you, and you will be able to remain in this pattern of eating for a lifetime of guilt-free pleasure from food!

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