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5 Reasons Why the Humanity Isn't Screwed.

Updated on January 21, 2018
holliesandhealth profile image

Hollies and Health is an author who enjoys writing about life, love, and books. She enjoys watching anime, and munching on burgers.

Whenever we turn on the news, we see people murdering each other, betraying one another, turning against their friends and family in a fit of anger. Racism is still very much a reality in America's society, as is gender inequality and religious intolerance. Hate fuels speech and action, and though crime rates are decreasing, people still believe they'll be gunned down on the streets. It gets even worse when a certain American President, who keeps trying to demolish what human rights movements have worked so hard to build.

Even so, there are a lot of things in this world that are worth the pain and the paranoia. As such, below are just a few things that make living in this world worth it.

1. Increasing Diversity in America's Finest

There have been talks to ban women from fighting in the front lines, rumors that Trump may try to ban transgender individuals from serving in the military. But while the battlefronts can be grueling, someone has to do it. And America's finest have shown that they not only do not care who you are and what you identify as, but that as long as you're loyal to your family, friends, and country, you're welcome in the military. Of course, there's the tough physical regime, as well as the risks, all of which can cause almost anyone to turn away. It makes whoever decides to serve that much more admirable.

2. LGBT+ rights and Women's rights

While there have been threats to civil rights under Trump's presidency, there are other powerful regimes fighting for these as well. For example:

  • In December 11th, 2017, when Trump tried banning transgender individuals from serving in the military, a federal judge prohibited the ruling.
  • In November 2017, Virginia had its first openly transgender candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates.
  • In September 2017,when Mexico City was struck by an incredibly powerful earthquake, Semillas, Mexico's women's fund, began amassing money to help rebuild not just the city, but also to help Mexico cover in a sustainable ay.
  • In June 2017, the District of Columbia had a gender neutral option in their driver's license.
  • In November 2016, Kate Brown became the governor of Oregon, and thus was the highest-ranked LGBT+ person to be sworn into office.
  • In January 2017, a worldwide protest against Trump's Presidency began. This protest, known as the Woman's March, covered issues such as LGBT+ rights, environmental rights, racial rights, and religious rights.

These are the kinds of accomplishments that tell you that society is changing for the better. And while there are people who can try to limit these changes, there are just as much people who are fighting for these changes.

3. Your Loved Ones

Your loved ones could be anyone, whether they be family, friends, lovers, mentors, ect. Having loved ones can also help you look at the bright side, and be more adaptable when the situation calls for it. And when you do realize that you have someone there to help you along the way, you'll be able to stand and face the world. Plus, being around the people you care about is relaxing, which helps with stress-related disorders like depression and anxiety.

4. Fighting Crime

While Trump and the rest of the media may say that violent crime is on the rise, this is quite the opposite. According to the Pew Research center, violent crime has fallen over the last century. However, this fear is due to America's paranoid public perceptions of crime. While the number of gun-related incidents are on the rise, the overall crime rates have fallen. This could be due to the holistic approach that many courts are using, including trying to help its youth, cracking down on police corruption, and a calling to support prisoners, even after they've been released. (My church does this! <3 <3 <3)

5. The Picture Above

There's nothing more disheartening then seeing an innocent animal suffering. In fact, the RSPCA animal cruelty caseload had risen to almost 150,000 investigations. However, Dermot Murphy, who works at the RSPCA, believed that people aren't becoming crueler, but rather, are beginning to share images of animals suffering and spreading more awareness of animal cruelty. What's more, people are becoming more and more engaged in trying to fight for animal rights.

There's no doubt that the world is screwed up. War still happens, and people are still dying. But it can also be a beautiful place. From fighting for human rights, to animal rights, it's abundantly clear that what makes the world beautiful is the people living in it, as well as the tiny imperfections each person carries.


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    • marcuscaine profile image

      Marcus T Caine 5 weeks ago from United States of America

      Thank you for the article Robin! It is nice to hear something positive about this blue ball we live on instead of the usual doom and gloom the media, and politicians on both sides dole out.

    • K S Lane profile image

      K S Lane 7 weeks ago from Melbourne, Australia

      It's nice to see an uplifting article in the midst of all the political negativity that's going on. It's easy to forget the good things since the bad often leave such a lasting impression. Humanity is flawed, but there are still people out there who are trying to make a positive difference. Great Hub.