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Why I Choose To Join A Gym Or Fitness Center Like Lifetime?

Updated on February 10, 2015

Where Do I Begin?

I'll introduce myself first, which is the polite thing to do. Hello Everyone, my name is Venus Rivera and I would like to take you on my fitness journey. I started off working out at home 6 days a week for about a year and half now. I began in October of 2012, my total weight was 145 lbs. my age at the time was 37 years old.

After a short incident that occurred in my home that made me wake-up when a nurse came to my home to run tests on me and my household so we can get the proper life insurance to covers us. When she said, that I was over weight for my age and height, that's when I came to the realization, that I needed to lose weight and fast.

I went and bought plenty of workout videos and started off on my fitness journey. I workout hard for a long time and I've lost about 20lbs. in the process but I wasn't satisfy by the results. My goal weight did not show any body transformation that I was looking for. I've tried eating right and following the regimens that each workout videos suggested. I bought all these types of videos to help me on my fitness journey and it hit me that I failed at something but I did not know where.

  • P90x the personal 90 minutes exercise, I did this program faithfully for 1 year.
  • Insanity is doing something over and over and getting the same results wasn't cutting it for me.I did this program for 3 months.
  • Biggest Loser then I switched to this program for other 3 month, so could shock my body with different types of workout which wasn't helping me at all. I was becoming so frustrated by my results.

I think my body had hit a plateau at some point or another, so I had to make a mental change and switched to a gym or fitness center.


My Scavenger Hunt

I was like a little kid going on a scavenger hunt searching high and low for a fitness center to help me reach my new fitness goal. I wanted to tone-up and lose as much body fat as possible. I went to L.A. Fitness, Planet Fitness, and some other smaller gyms but did not match my exceptions, until I stumbled upon "Lifetime Fitness Center" by accident. One day me and hubby wanted to do some rock climbing and the only place that offered it was inside this gym. We went on a tour of the health club that only people would dream of and as soon as the tour was over, I immediately joined.

What they offered had just absolutely blew my mind?

  • Individual Membership $69.00
  • Family Membership $156.00
  • 24/7 Access & free towels & lockers
  • Luxurious locker rooms with showers & saunas
  • Childcare Services
  • Month-to-Month Payment Plan
  • Member Advantage gives you discounts on restaurants and stores
  • A Fitness App
  • Free classes


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