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Preparing My Body for My 7th Child Born By C/Section

Updated on July 16, 2015

For this child, I have prayed.

Cleansing my Body of toxins.

So often I hear stories of women who wished they had become pregnant when they were younger, because when the finally wished to have a baby after they were in their late 30's they never could become pregnant. My heart breaks for all of them and so I want to share my story in hopes it will help other women in their attempts to conceive. Please be aware that although I have children, that I do not consider myself an expert in this area, nor am I suggesting you follow what I did. I just hope that it might assist you in seeing what is available and reading how it has helped me with my deepest yearning for a baby.

When I was younger, all I needed to do to become pregnant was be a certain weight, but after I reached 30 things changed. I humbly share with you that I have been married 3 times. ( A fact that some might see as a mistake but I feel every experience has value in our personal learning and growth.)

During my first marriage, I was pregnant 5 times, losing one of my babies in a miscarriage. Then during my 2nd marriage, I experienced 15 miscarriages I think, were due to the high stress of the marriage and the fact that my 2nd husband wasn't very healthy.

Now, with my 3rd and final marriage to my soul's mate, I have experienced with success, 3 healthy pregnancies and live births. And I feel I owe it in part to the wonderful way we get along, and the other part to taking steps necessary to setting the stage for body to handle the strain of being pregnant, and also let's not exclude all the prayers I said.

A Wonderful Guide for Using Energy Medicine for Healing

How I dealt with the stress of my life.

I had a lot going on during the time I was trying to get pregnant. I had my father living with us, I was trying to build a home based business, and two little ones under 5. Time was ticking and I was getting older, after all 43 is no spring chicken. I always wanted 7 children, so despite the stresses, I tried to get pregnant. After trying for over a year, I decided to take some serious steps. I changed my shampoos and soaps to ones that contained all natural ingredients And then I used a number of products to cleanse my kidneys and bladder. I started doing Yoga and I increased my intake of a energy drink that contained a high amount of antioxidants and trace minerals. I had first taken the drink because I had heard how it could help my eyes focus better. After I saw it did, I felt it could help my body deal with stress.

One Source I Use: Known for the Best Herbs to Cook With


How I used Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils during my pregnancy.

Because I have learned about gardening with my grandmother I could fully appreciate the the work that goes into creating a quality essential oil, and that is what I looked for when I did my research to find what brand of therapeutic grade essential oils to use during my pregnancy with my seventh child. It was with the hardships after the birth of my 6th child that I discovered the need for therapeutic grade essential oils in my life, and now I wish I had had them with every pregnancy. There were some very stressful times during my pregnancy that different oils really helped me through. I have given birth by c/section to all of my children, but with every doctor's visit I was almost overwhelmed with the negativity from every doctor in the practice I went to as I was informed about my risks. At each and every visit each doctor would look at the dark side of having had so many c/sections and it was so overwhelming at times to hear how I could lose my life or the baby could come early and if the bleeding did not stop, they would have to give me a hysterectomy. I wish they had not done that, but rarely do women have more than 3 c/sections, as advised by their doctors, so I know my doctors were scared. I applied different oils to my c/section scar, from reading different testimonies of how different women shared on different blogs about how blending different oils together helped them with scar tissue, and I knew that Geranium and Frankincense Oils are good for the skin. But aside from applying them to my skin, I also made a blend to take in a pill of the oils I knew were from seasonings, flowers and herbs we know are good to eat as part of a healthy diet. I did extensive research on which oils were safe to ingest and how to blend them so that I would help my baby and not harm him. I do not suggest anyone do this unless they also do extensive research because I feel that every kind of essential oil changes your body's chemistry. I also found it important to take a liquid vitamin- antioxidant and trace minerals drink as a daily supplement even when I was too nauseous to take my daily vitamin. I found it gave me energy to keep up with my toddlers and meet the demands of daily living.

Please remember that I am only sharing what I did, and am not trying to give anyone any medical advice. I was unable to find a doctor who could advise me on how to use the oils to my benefit, but as I said I did extensive research and it worked out very well.

I recovered speedily and was able to leave the hospital in 2 days after my c/section, instead of the normal 3, as I was needed to snuggle with my toddlers who have rarely gone without me because I usually take them everywhere I go.

I wish everyone who is seeking for answers much success. I hope your outcome results in the joy you desire.

Keep a spring in your step and a smile in your heart and good things are bound to happen.If you need to contact me, I invite you to do it privately on my website at


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