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Why I became a vegan part 1

Updated on June 11, 2013

Mum and baby - naturally


Cows are beautiful. They are gentle and loving. Cows are very intelligent and can remember things for a long time. They are excellent mothers and can mourn the death or removal of their babies by calling for them and even shedding tears. They do not deserve the treatment that they get from humans. The pain and the cruelty inflicted on these sentient beings is just too shocking for words and deeply upsetting for those of us that care

The evidence is there for ALL to see!

If people try and tell you that animals bred and raised for meat/milk have a happy existance and are slaughtered quickly and humanely, don't believe it! Because they are so wrong and it is very easy to prove that they are wrong!

It was the facts before my own eyes that made me realise the pain and suffering that animals go through to fill the bellies of many.I only had to see the hard sad evidence once - just once for me to know what I had to do. Knowing what I know now, there is no way in this world that I could continue consuming the products of these poor tortured animals.

Veal crate

by consuming dairy, this is the life you are giving these babies until they are killed for their flesh
by consuming dairy, this is the life you are giving these babies until they are killed for their flesh

Artificial insemination - rape

Dairy Cows

I think what affected me the most was the plight of the dairy cow. Cows are gentle, loving creatures and are also terrific mothers. They would naturally live for around 20 years if not kept continuously pregnant, so as to steal their milk. Sadly dairy cows rarely survive past 4 years. The constant abuse of their poor bodies after they are raped time after time, forcing pregnancy on them to keep the milk flowing takes it toll. From 15 months old they are artificially inseminated in an agressive, brutal way and within 2 to 3 months after birth, the cycle is repeated. And what of their babies? They are taken immediately and either kept in tight veal crates; killed immediately with a blow to the head or kept for beef.The mother gently cries for her baby whilst her milk is painfully extracted from her for greedy humans to feast on.

Painful infections of their udders, such as mastitis are the norm and antibiotics are given routinely. Many cows cannot even stand due to the size of their udders and the pain must be excrutiating.

When a cow has passed it's usefullness, it is simply dragged away by a tracter and killed.

Life over.

Behind the scenes - how your meat dies

Weaning ring

This stops a calf from being able to feed, they don't want baby to take the milk - oh no, that's for humans only!
This stops a calf from being able to feed, they don't want baby to take the milk - oh no, that's for humans only!
Ear tagging
Ear tagging

So now YOU have seen the truth...

what decision will YOU make?

Yes the choice is yours. I grant you that, but do not get upset by my message here, or my deep opposition of the murder of animals. Do not call me names if I post photographs of what meat eating humans do to these animals. After all, I have dead flesh shoved in my face every day - TV, newspaper, bill boards, supermarkets, internet, etc etc.

Every day -several times a day, I have to see these images, be it Mc-bloody-Donalds, or whatever.

So, occasionally, only occasionally, I will show you the TRUTH


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