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"Evil" Does Not Exist, Only Fear-Driven Imagination and Twisted Minds

Updated on August 14, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

Believing" Is Not Equal to "Knowing"

If we cared to remove all man-made scary stories and illustrations of demons, hell, Satan, and the alike, that has been used for advertising evil, what would be left in our minds to support the existence of it? Other than some brutal acts of deranged humans, could anyone of a fully conscious mind step forward and provide an objective evidence about any "dark forces, or evil entities"?

Let me emphasize, I said fully conscious, not hallucinating mind, or one that succumbed to strong suggestions. Namely, a good hypnotist, or an impressive indoctrination could easily produce images of either hell or heaven in the minds of some perfectly normal individuals.

Belief is a tricky thing, folks. A fellow that was otherwise quite normal in all other areas of life once shocked me with his belief that after his death he was going to go to heaven and get a "car of his dreams and millions of dollars to spend".

I didn't need his example as a proof how beliefs don't necessarily have to do anything with logical and objective reasoning - the one that we are using some 95% of the time just to stay alive. The other 5% I would not give to something like beliefs, but to that intuitive "gut feeling".

So, believing in evil would fall into the same category with believing in boogie-man, mostly counting on a chance, not a fact, like a sort of "mental gambling" - meaning that : "if crap happens, then there must be evil, if it doesn't, then we are being protected from it, but it definitely exists".

To Believe in Heaven and Hell Is to Believe in Nothing

Now, I have to admit, I have no counter-arguments for those folks who would slap me with some made-man books with all those artistically done illustrations of demonic entities and some stories attached.

I mean, I can't and I won't try to debunk something that folks firmly believe in possibly for the most of their lives - it's everyone's right to believe whatever they please. The only thing is that it includes me as well.

You see, since for the most of my life I have been exposed to their beliefs, it's only fair that I share mine. By sharing I won't even try to do what they have been doing - to make a believer out of me. So, all I have in my corner of the ring is not a millennia old indoctrination, but only my logical mind.

This mind is now telling me that believing in both heaven and hell is cancelling each other out. Well, I am quite a spiritual dude, and as such I believe in harmony, happiness, peace, love, freedom, and personal sovereignty.

And I know that faith and fear can't coexist in the same heart. We can't feel safe and protected and fearful at the same time. So one has to go. I don't have to spell it out which one I chose.

What ever Happened to Trust?

I hope this kind of logic sounds right in everyone's mind. For a little illustration, just in case if I was not convincing enough - let's say I am planning to enjoy every moment spent on those Hawaiian beaches, but I will "also" stay at all times very cautious about a possible shark attack.

How can I enjoy and be seriously concerned at the same time. And sharks don't even look by far as scary as those horrible demonic creatures. All that they can do to you is eat you, whereas those demons will torture you first, maybe roast you slowly or something.

And hell, you don't have to take that swim, but those creatures are "everywhere" lurking from the dark for an opportune moment to grab you. How can one possibly feel protected enough with that much hell-power around!? You see what I mean? We have to make up our mind - one or the other, hell or heaven, ocean or pool.

I Have No Use for Belief in Evil

In the course of the past half century it has been my heart's passion to cultivate a "high frequency" positivism, which, ironically surpassed the quality of "faith" of many church goers that I came across on my path.

Their story was the one of fear, warning, criticism, whereas mine seemed to be so much closer to that god they believed in - with my chronic optimism, peace of mind refined by meditation, love for the mankind, and whatever else makes me a spiritual dude. Nowhere in my stories there is mention of evil.

The only "evil" I know is the one generated by mental malfunctioning, bad wiring in the brain, and overstimulated lower region of brain containing animalistic survival urges that can be brutal, sadistic, and merciless.

When I see a beast throwing a half dead rabbit up in the air before the final kill - I can imagine what's going on in the twisted mind of a violent person. And while I can intellectually grasp the concept of evil and people's fascination with it that stems from fear of the unknown - I just don't have any use for it in my psycho-philosophy of living.

Spirituality Going Scientific

It's even more useless from a practical point of view. For, how can I uplift the spirit of a depressed friend by telling him that some "sinister forces are sabotaging his happiness"?

And how could it help me in any way, as it's merely creating a sort of schizoid split between that part of me that's nurturing hope and faith in good outcomes, and another that's denying such possibility with all that fear? Really, folks - is that supposed to be the formula for achieving peace of mind?

My version of spirituality is heavily leaning towards the quantum theory, with its field of infinite possibilities and my responsibility to maintain a high level of positivism, which then manifests itself in my health and my circumstances - even something that's called "good luck".

Einstein said something like: "We can't solve the problem with the same mind which created it". This brilliant thought is telling us, among all other things, that we can't remove "evil" from our lives by holding onto it with the mind which first brought it into existence.

With a Quest to Be more Humans

We 've just got to snap out of that groove if we are to produce different results. I see us as co-creators of our destiny - personal, national, global, and even universal. By my convictions, believing in evil is an invitation to the fulfillment of its prophecy that we designed with our scared hearts.

Evil will stop existing once that we make a collective effort to be less of animals and more of homo sapientis (it's genitive of "sapiens" - Latin grammar), once that we consciously evolve beyond animalistic urges of territoriality, of grabbing what is not ours, of being ruthless in our biological survivalism.

There is no evil out there on some mystical realm, but merely in our artificially construed, deliberate beliefs.

I Believe We Could...

With yet another Christmas coming soon into lives of all Christians and lovers of the time-off from work, I'd like to submit that my whole year is filled with a spirit similar to that one prescribed by the tradition. I don't wait until it becomes "seasonally appropriate" to rejoice, to celebrate life, to have a nice word for others, and to make someone's day better with a compliment or a hug.

Then, come January and no one is inspired anymore for anything but pecking on antacids after all that indulging in foods and drinks. Everything assumes the looks of those thrown away Christmas trees at the edge of the road, waiting to join that trash swollen with wrapping papers, food left overs, and empty bottles.

Everything is "back to normal". People talk about "February blues" coming, but look, everyone seems to be rehearsing for it already in January. It's time to visit doctors after new flare-ups caused by our "rejoicing". Time to think of all those evils in the world that we managed to forget during festivities.

Could we - or at least some of us - make an exception this time? Could we drop this nonsense of "evil" from our hearts that are tired of history and its brainwashing spells? And finally, could we prolong that spirit - minus all festivities and their commercialism - and just embrace that part of our beliefs which feels good? I think we could. So join me.


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 21 months ago from Canada

      Happy New Year to you too, Paula!

      My New Year obviously started happily - by getting to know another liberated human being that prefers thinking out-of-the-box, not conditioned, intimidated and brainwashed by low-frequency collective consciousness. I admire what I am sensing about you, Paula, and I hope to hear from you again.

      I am taking a short break from writing, after having done 111 hubs in some 5 months. If you choose so, you can read some of those already written. However, my ego has been deflated enough through my spirituality and meditation - so I am not really "advertising" those hubs, as if "making a big deal of the thoughts that I am sharing". It's simply to let you know that "something else exists" that you might like. I am a bad salesman, not using any recommended "tools" to promote my writing - and I don't really care about that part.

      Again, all the best to you, Paula, stay as smart as you are, and don't let anyone mess with your mind and your emotions. Be well.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 21 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Val....It is nice to finally become familiar with you. I stumbled upon you while reading the thread of comments to Diane's question about "If God is in us...what do we say to atheists?" (or something LIKE that)

      Your response stood out to me and also touched my heart. I used to participate in those types of questions, but realized I could not and would not read and/or tolerate some of the gross ignorance. I am also extremely adverse to self-righteous individuals who feel they have a right to tell others they are right, wrong, stupid, liars, "of Satan" etc....

      ONE woman in particular who continually PREACHES with bible babble, one quote after another, without a single solitary independent thought of her a mechanical robot with a computer stuck on a program. All I can think is~~ Is she so stupid that she truly thinks someone will seriously listen to her repetitious ranting and degradation to those who have no interest or belief in the bible? Can she simply speak of her love for and relationship with God/Christ?

      Blah! So much for her. She sickens me. Reading that thread gave me a headache. I was also disappointed to see that a good friend of mine who is a Christian seemed to be supporting her when he knows she's a Jehovah's Witness and he knows that is a cult. It breaks my heart to see he can be hypocritical. Seems I can't believe anyone any more.

      This hub is fascinating as well as educational. I do not believe in evil spirits or "demons" either. Never have, never will. There is another woman here on HP who claims to be an "exorcist"....she claims to have the power to scare away demons that have possessed people! There's another kind of nut on every corner. It's difficult to know where to turn.

      I appreciate your common sense, loving and naturalistic approach. Thank you for being a voice of reason. Hope to read more of your work. Happy New Year. Peace, Paula

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 22 months ago from Canada

      Happy to hear from you again, John, and let's both of us keep refusing to be deluded into scary myths which only have a purpose to keep religious followers in obedience. It's an old trick that parents (with not much parental skills) use to make kids under control.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 22 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Val, I like your way of thinking! This was a very detailed article and you explained your point of view very well. It does make an awful lot of sense, That was a good analogy about looking forward to swimming in the Hawaiian waters but being constantly fearful of sharks. I agree, I also think good ad evil come from within us. It is too easy to blame the bad things we do on some evil entity rather than taking responsibility ourselves.