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Why I hate dentists

Updated on August 11, 2012

Reason Number One

I asked a dentist to save a tooth and they refused because all they know how to do is extract teeth.



Reason Number Two

So I asked a second dentist to save the tooth and they also refused because all they know how to do is extract teeth.

By the way, both dentists were "specialists in saving teeth".

Reason Number Three

Back when I asked, the tooth was freshly fractured, clean and it would have been a simple matter to just use glue or epoxy or whatever to repair the fracture.

Now months have passed and with each passing day I hate dentists more and more.

Reason Number Four

Dentistry has not progressed a whit since the days when barbers used a pair of pliers. They just charge more and use more poisonous things in your mouth. If I had a dollar for every person who said that to me, I'd be a millionaire.

This lack of progress is why dentistry has never been integrated into medical schools and medical school curriculums as just another part of the body.

And did I mention that I hate dentists?

Nineteenth Century

Twentieth Century

Twentieth Century

Twentieth Century

Twentieth Century

Twenty-First Century

Twenty-First Century

Twenty-First Century

Twenty-First Century

21st Century dentistry seems so advanced

But there are horror stories. And mercury amalgams are still around.

And so are extractions.

That is why I hate dentists.

Twenty-First Century

Reason Number Five

My in-law is a dentist and my sibling suggested that I go to them. They are the one that caused the fracture in the first place.

Reason Number Six

I offered to sign a waiver for those two dentists to save my tooth but said that it would be unethical not to extract. Imagine that. Unethical to do what an adult university-educated well-informed patient asks to be done to their own body!

Can you imagine any cosmetic surgeon turning away business? Or a surgeon asked to do a transplant? Unethical? Oh please. They just want to extract. They don't want to do their job to save teeth. Not when they can make more money by inflicting more suffering.

Reason Number Seven

Can you imagine what the world would be like if doctors did an amputation every time someone fractured a rib or a wrist or an ankle?

Well that is exactly what a tooth extraction is. An amputation. The dentist does not have to live with a caved in mouth from missing teeth. I came with a full set of healthy teeth and I brush, floss, and use other things dentists recommend so I see no reason to be punished for doing everything right.

I hate dentists.

Reason Number Eight

They said I would be in pain.

Liars. I'm not in pain. And I still want my tooth salvaged. And I still hate dentists.

I may have to make a few millions, send some kid to dental school on condition that he or she research how to save my tooth, and then treat me. And if THEY refuse, any jury would call it justifiable . . . .

Punching them in the mouth. What did you think I was talking about?

they just want to sell dentures


Reason Number Nine

They just want to sell dentures.

And dentures are full of mercury or other toxins. Why would I want oral cancer? Or some other weird disease as a result?

dentist hitting trusting patient in mouth with hammer

note use of hypnosis
note use of hypnosis

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Why I hate Dentists?


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