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Why Is It Important To Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated on February 8, 2014
  • Drink water
  • Eat fruit
  • Sleep
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Quit smoking (if that applies to you)
  • Reduce your stress
  • Include supplements in your diet

In life, you should focus on many methods that will lead you to healthy living. With the improvement of health, you will not only extend lifetime, you will also feel happy and free because you know you are doing well for your body. When it comes to healthy living, there are several methods that can improve it, just as there are so many ways to make it worse.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

The first method that is probably the most important is to drink water. The human body is 75% water and consuming it gains so many benefits. A proverb says: 'Water is life' and it really is. It is necessary for all the functions in our body and it is the source of energy.

Are You Eating Enough Fruit?

Many of us do not eat fruit. Either we do not have time, or we do not like it, we just do not eat it. It is a mistake. Eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day can seriously improve your health and benefit you quite a bit. Try to include a 100% fruit juice every morning as a breakfast beverage. Also, try to eat an apple or some other fruit after lunch and dinner to supply your body with vitamins that are so crucial to you. When taking fruit becomes a habit to you, nothing can stop you.

Are You Sleeping Long Enough?

One of the best advices you can get to improve your health which is both simple and imperative is to get some sleep. Yes, a good sleep will make you feel better, it will boost your mood and provide you with energy for the following day. Sleep will also improve your memory, since during sleep your memory is 'trained''.

Maybe you will take this advice more seriously when you find out what are the drawbacks when it comes to the lack of sleep. Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can cause plenty of heart diseases, vertigo, high blood pressure, diabetes, bad mood and so much more. With sleeping well you will achieve so many positive things in your life and it is the true way to the healthy living.

Eliminate Toxins From Your Life

Furthermore, a person who is trying to be a healthy human should most definitely eliminate any toxic items. Smoking is the best example. You cannot try to be in a great shape, exercising everyday, whilst smoking cigarettes which harm your body so much. You have to quit smoking, drinking and doing drugs in order to take a path of healthy lifestyle. Smoking causes lung cancer, it poisons your body, making it addicted to Nicotine, the essential ingredient of tobacco. If you cannot quit smoking, try switching to e-cigarettes, those are surely less harming and poisoning.

Reduce Your Stress

Life without stress is a key. When you get upset, try to relax. It may not be easy, but stress is one of the key factors why people get ill in the first place. Therefore, preventing stress means preventing illness. Stress management can be achieved in several methods. Firstly, Identify the sources of stress in your life. Try to stop it in the first place. If that does not work, express your feelings, it is always healthier to do so than to bottle up feelings in yourself.

Being late is one of the most common stress causes nowadays. Try to manage your time, in this way, you will stay calm and focused. Being calm, positive and focused on the important things in your life might be healthier than those pills you swallow.

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Add Supplements to Your Diet

Moreover, when trying to improve your lifestyle, consider taking supplements because you're probably not getting enough nutrition from your food (if your diet has been bad). Try taking magnesium supplements, because magnesium motivates the body to process calcium, which could otherwise, over time outcome in a build-up of smooth cells and muscle cells, making them weak. Also, for a better lifestyle, it would be wise to take Omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to supply a variety of health advantages, along with a lower risk of heart problems and enhancement in cholesterol levels. There were also appealing results from studies looking at omega-3 for cancer, depressive disorders, and ADHD.

Omega-3 and magnesium oil are two of my favorite supplements, which I use every day. I take a multi-vitamin to, to cover a broader spectrum of required vitamins and minerals. I take a high dose of omega-3 fats every morning to help regulate my blood pressure and help my blood flow. I've suffered with poor blood circulation for almost 10 years, ever since I had a DVT (severe blood clot) in my left groin. If I don't keep my legs elevated, my ankles used to swell up and bruise, but since I've been taking omega-3 fats every day, symptoms have eased.

I started taking magnesium oil to compliment the omega-3's in my diet, and I'm really glad I found it too. It has further helped my blood system, but also reduced a lot of other pains I was getting - joint pain, muscle pain and sciatica. Whilst the muscle and joint pains are now non-existent, I do still suffer with a bit of sciatica pains, but nowhere near the extreme as it once was.


My name is Andy, I'm a health and nutrition enthusiast with a back ground first in engineering and then the health industry itself. I've been in and out of more gyms and fitness centers than most people have had hot dinners. Seriously. Both myself and my team understand what it takes to be fit and healthy, which is why we continue to develop new sites and write more articles on these topics.

Our new site The Magnesium Perfection explains the benefits that magnesium oil has on the body. This oil, which is not really an oil (as the name would suggest) is actually a thick solution of salt like substance that when rubbed into the skin, by passes the gut and is absorbed wherever it is needed. You can also find us on Google+ where you can see what else we are up to in the way of health, nutrition, fitness and weight/resistance training.


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