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Expressing Your Emotions

Updated on November 24, 2013


We all have emotions. Emotions can make us feel sad, mad, upset, stressed or happy, excited, love. We basically have emotions at all times. It is what and how we use these emotions which will help us decide if we are going to live a happy life or a life full of stress, anger and disappointment.

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Why emotions are important

We cannot get around emotions. It is impossible. We are all at some point going to feel. Imagine a world with no emotions. We would not be able to laugh, love, cry, grow and learn if we did not have emotions. But we often get ourselves in trouble when we allow our negative emotions to take over us.

Grieving and anger, dislike and disappointment all need a place in our lives. These are all natural stages that occur after certain events in our lives. Negative emotions are a way to enhance our positive emotions if you think about it. If you lost a person and did not grieve then you would really never know how much they meant. If you were never angry then you would not really appreciate happiness. If you never disliked anything then you would not have the joy and pleasure of knowing love. If you never experienced disappointment then obtaining a goal would never feel like much of an achievement. So be thankful that we have these emotions.

Keeping our emotions in check

While it is important to feel the variety of these feelings, it is also important that we do not let our emotions take over our lives. I know there are often situations in our lives that make us feel extremely stressed, disappointed, hurt and angered. If we do not deal with these feelings they will start to affect our happiness and make our lives not so pleasant.

Using a journal to deal with emotions

Using a journal can be very helpful in keeping our emotions in check. Writing daily about the way we feel will help to get it off our chest and be able to deal with them more efficiently.

I suggest that you keep a journal not only for negative emotions but also for positive. Journals are also a great way to help achieve goals, record ideas and a way to relive positive things that have happened to us.

If you are dealing with something I also suggest that you write a brief paragraph describing the situation. Then compile a list below it of words or phrases of how this situation makes you feel.

Every time you feel bad or mad you should write it down and soon a pattern will start to occur. Once you figure out your deepest emotions, you can then start to write things down that you can do to change that feeling/situation. Usually the problem with emotions is that we are not able to fully express them, therefor they stay cooped up inside of us and we are not able to think clearly. Then we are not able to come to any conclusion or solution to our problem.

Using a journal to record positive feelings and to accomplish goals is important as well. Every time you have an idea you can write it down so you can start yourself a "game plan". The more often you think about your goals, the harder you try to achieve them, the more likely they are to happen.

Journals are also a place where you can turn to when you are down to relive and smile about good things that have happened in the past. It is a wonderful feeling to go back and read the emotions we were having at a specific time in our lives. Memories are a wonderful thing.

This is just the start of why journals are important, there are many more reason. You can view my website and read about journals as well as self help articles to help you achieve happiness and reduce stress.


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