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Why Kill Your Baby With Your Nicotine

Updated on May 9, 2011

Pregnant, So Quit Smoking

Every cigarette you smoke does harm to your body.  I’m sure most of us have heard the saying “another nail in the coffin.”  However now that you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant you are making things difficult to accept.  I really think you need to do some homework.  You need to understand how the dreaded cigarette can make getting pregnant difficult, how the baby’s heath is affected in the womb and how the baby’s first year on this earth can go.  Pregnant smokers are very selfish people.

The Getting Pregnant Part

The first things you need to know about are oral contraceptives and smoking.  If you mix the two of these you are asking for trouble.  You have just put yourself at a huge risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, not to mention the high blood pressure that goes along with it.  Both men and women who smoke stand a lesser chance of getting pregnant.  When talking about smoking let me mention a few words that go along with it.  They are fertility, impotent, ovulatory response, fertilization and implantation

There are also tests that are proving that the chemicals in tobacco have a good chance of causing the cervical fluid to become toxic to sperm.  So once again you are decreasing the chances of getting pregnant.  Also as we speak on a daily basis tests are underway to prove the chemicals in cigarettes can cause mutations which include birth defects, cancers, miscarriages and tons of other problems.  These can all be caused from either parent being a smoker.  So we can’t just blame the mother for her smoking.

Smoking During Pregnancy And Childbirth

Well, well, well, so now you are insistent on making your child an addict before they ever leave the womb.  This isn’t scare mongering but rather this is fact.  The mother smoking feeds the fetus nicotine through the blood stream.  There are many things such as miscarriage attributed to smoking while pregnant.  Aren’t you just a great mother?  I bet you didn’t know that when your baby is born they are just as addicted to nicotine as you are.  The main factor there is they had no say in the matter and now they have to spend several days going through withdrawals.  Oh yes you are starting out as great parents.

Now Baby Is Born

I bet now you think you are home free.  Well I really am sorry to burst your bubble but smoking even after birth is still very risky towards the health of your baby.  It has been proven that more babies in the first year get pneumonia and bronchitis if its parents continue to smoke.  Another risk factor is high cases of asthma.  That’s right; you aren’t doing your baby any favors by smoking.

Second hand smoke and children just do not make a good mix.  Kids exposed to second hand smoke have so many more problems than those of non smokers.  You are looking at something as small as a cold all the way up to something as serious as chronic or respiratory illness.  And of course monkey see monkey do.  Around 85 percent of kids of smokers end up becoming smokers themselves.  It really is a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped.

So How Can You Quit

The most important thing when it comes to quitting smoking is wanting to.  This is a must or you are wasting your time.  So now you have made the decision you will be glad to know that you and your family will start feeling positive effects almost immediately.  You only have to wait 20 minutes after your last cigarette for things like blood pressure and heart rate to come back to normal.  In three days most of the carbon dioxide and nicotine will be gone from your body.  You will be pleased when once again you can breathe quite normally and you have a lot more energy.  In a year you will have much better circulation and your lungs will work a lot better.  In 5 to ten years your risk of lung cancer is way lower and risk of a heart attack is that of a non smoker.  I think above lists plenty of great reasons to quit smoking.

Although we listed a number or exceptional reasons to quit smoking many times those aren’t good enough for people to try.  There are several ways to try and give up smoking.  Nicotine is a very powerful drug but at the end of the day it is nowhere near as powerful as we are.

It would be great if you made a list of reasons why you should and want to quit.  If this has to do with pregnancy then I would think maintaining the health of your future baby should be at the top of the list.  That alone should be perfect motivation and allow you to stop procrastinating.  Of course there are other reasons like health, finances, appearance and to stop smoking like an ashtray.  Every time you want to smoke pull out the list and read to yourself why you decided to quit in the first place.

Another great help in quitting smoking is making sure you have a lot of people standing beside you.  Make sure lots of people know that you plan on quitting.  Also ask them to help you with the little things that will come up along the way.  Of course you can also find local and online groups to help you out.  If you want the support and help it is out there.  However you must make sure this is what you want.  Don’t waste others time if you are not willing to try.

So go ahead and continue smoking.  Who cares if you are killing your baby?  Let’s face facts.  Smoking around kids or while being pregnant is just plain stupid.  If you decide to quit you start getting the positive results within 20 minutes.  This will give you a greater chance to be with your child a lot longer as well.  So quit smoking now.

Who Am I?

I am Dale and now I am a non smoker. I have defended smokers for 30 years and what a coincidence that would be as long as I smoked.

I quit a two pack a day habit and now all I want to do is work my butt of convincing and helping others to quit.

Another big focus I have is educating kids into never starting the dreaded habit. if I suggest something you can be sure i am not just talking through my butt. i am serious about helping people and I have no intention of trying to do that with scammy products.

Anyways check out my website at Quit Smoking

Did You Smoke Around Your kids Any Time before or After Being Born

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    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 7 years ago from Canada

      I am hoping some scare tactics in the future will help make someone make the decision to quit

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      A really telling hub.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      To achieve that, you can be proud of yourself. I am glad pointed out about the babies because my ex wouldn't stop smoking around our son.

    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for stopping by webs

    • websclubs profile image

      websclubs 7 years ago

      interesting hub thanks for sharing.