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Why Lucid Dream?

Updated on May 20, 2013


Everyone has dreams. Whether or not you remember them , they occur all the time. I've always found dreams interesting. I consider them a hobby, if it counts. I read up about them, especially interpretation, and get excited thinking about some of the great dreams I've had.

Every conversation I've had with friends and family about dreams always lasts a long time. People really do enjoy recalling and talking about their dreams and I've noticed a bit of enthusiasm when I hear others talk about them. Even nightmares are exciting to talk about. All of the five senses have been very vivid to me in dreams, so much so that my view has changed in some ways. I won't get into deep descriptions of my dreams but when I was a kid I had dreams about twisters, cats, and witches. (Thanks a lot Wizard of Oz.) I had recurring nightmares that still affect me in reality.

It was through these nightmares, however, that I started to become lucid in my dreams. Some events in those nightmares started to change in my favor.

What is Lucidity?

In dreams, lucidity refers to an amazing state of mind when you realize that you are in a dream. It can be difficult for this what I like to call "sensation" to occur. In dreams we don't think clearly. I've seen multicolored animals in my dreams and thought nothing of it. (Maybe I've watched the Wizard of Oz too many times). I've seen dead celebrities and relatives without giving thought that that can't be real.

When you sleep, your brain is highly active. There are signals firing from many areas. The one part of your brain that isn't very active is your logic center, which makes sense. That is why in dreams, there is no clear line between fantasy and reality.

What the big deal with Lucid Dreams?

Well, to be honest, I probably get more exited about lucid dreaming than most people. I discovered it on my own and maybe I'm a bit proud of that fact. There is quite a bit of content online about lucid dreaming and I wish I knew about that sooner. There's a whole community on Youtube and through various articles on the Internet about lucid dreaming.

I think lucid dreaming is fun and interesting. It's amazing to live in the moment of the dream as opposed to reflecting on it later. When you lucid dream, the pictures and sounds, and even touch is so real.

However being in the moment is just the foundation of what lucid dreaming allows you to do.

Breaking through: Controlling Your Dreams

Controlling your dreams is essentially why lucid dreaming is so phenomenal. Once you become lucid, you can eventually break through, meaning you can completely change the scenario, the characters, EVERYTHING to whatever you would like. If you're having a horrific nightmare, you have a high chance of lucidity. You can then change everything and make the dream extremely pleasant.

This breaking through point can be difficult. You have be a great visualizer to change everything. This bit can take a lot of practice, in reality and when dreaming.

People use lucid dreaming for many purposes. I, for example, after a day of work, school, or anything stressful, like to live out my dreams in a way that's fun and relaxing with people I never get to see or people I have never met. I also have people in my dreams who don't exist that I have in my lucid dreams. It's really great. Sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day. Sometimes you need to unwind.

Others use lucid dreams in much more productive ways. Artists in many areas will use their lucid dreams to create something that might be hard to portray in reality due to the logic portion of their brain hindering their creativity. After all, there is unlimited creativity that goes on while you dream.

There have been stories of NASA engineers and highly mathematical and scientific experiments and tests that have been completed and solved during a lucid dream. Talk about full productivity!

Layers of Lucid Dreams

So how does this all happen?

People have spent months working up to being able to lucid dream when they want to. There are stages to the process. While a bit time consuming and tedious, anyone can do it. If you are interested, check out the links I have posted at the bottom of this hub. I don't actually do all of the methods. One important step that you will read about is keeping a dream journal. This helps with being able to remember your dreams. It's a bit weird and you might already be aware of this but you might forget your dream the second you hit the alarm button, depending on a few factors.

Having a dream journal is very effective for me and always has. If you aren't interesting in lucid dreaming, you still might want to keep a journal just to reflect on the crazy things your brain is telling you when you are unconscious.

Embrace Nightmares

Final Thoughts

As you might be able to tell, I'm somewhat of an advocate of lucid dreaming. I've spent many hours laying in bed thinking about the dream I just had and what I might have done next. It would be hard for me to tell you why you shouldn't lucid dream. I don't do it every night, but I try as much as my non-logical will recognize it.

The best parts of my experiences with lucid dreaming has been to make anything happen. There are no restrictions or boundaries.

You can conquer challenges within yourself without penalty. I, for example, hate public speaking and mostly anything to do with performing something in front of an audience. The night before I did a speech for a class, I had a lucid dream. In this dream I had complete control. I chose to practice the speech in front of the class, which completely helped my self-confidence. I did one run-through of my speech and of course, by staying in my own head, there were no risks. It was almost as if I had a practice round.

Even though nothing in your dreams is real, sometimes it's just what you need. If you need a vacation in a tropical paradise just for a little while, you can, all for free.


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