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Why Women don't Wear Bras?

Updated on June 19, 2013

women don't wear bras?

Why many women don’t wear bras? Many women arounds the world are doing so because it is considered healthy and reasonable. Many French women don’t wear underwears at all when going to night parties or do sports. What they are doing is not to wear bra when they wear coats but stick some tapes on the upper breast. It is called “breast glue”, it keeps both breast shape and grace at the same time.
US women allow their chests to grow on their own
US women is known for their fashion and openness, they love to let their breast grow on their own and not confine it with bras. Because they think going after beautiful curve or putting something on their breast can cause breast deformity. Using it in a wrong way or with wrong materials can cause mammitis. When it is serious, the breast has to do surgery and take out the pus.

Many women think it is a fashion
We used to think of bra as a beauty to appreciate between lovers, but now many girls give it back to nature. Often times we see girls don’t wear bra, young, beautiful, natural, unconventional, relaxed, free are the words to decribe them. In fact, as women chasing after fashion, “wear” or “not to wear” bra is not important, what’s important is to keep a healthy mind and having a pair of healthy and natural breast.

They find it is unnecessary to wear it
on many occasions like ceremony or many kinds of movie and music festivals, many female stars choose not to wear bras. The only reason is because they pick dress not fit for wearing bras. In most cases, the design of dress has two properties: one is made by light materials like silk or gauze, the other is V shaped and backless.

Models don’t wear it because of their profession
Here we mainly refer to models. Models, as a reprenstation of the clothes by desigers, it makes perfect sense not wearing bra, as it destroys the integrity of clothes. For one catwalk show, models change clothes at least 3 times, with fewer hands to help them, changing bras can spend much time, so it is wise not to wear it.

why women don't wear bra?

why women don't wear bra?
why women don't wear bra?

For the health benefits

Nutritionist suggets that if the size of a bra is too small, it could squash the heart, lung and big arteries, it also affects the normal function of internal organs. It squashes breast to restrict blood circulation, consequently it causes the lower breast ache because of blood clogs. in the end, it causes nipple inversion and breast dysplasia.

It is important for women to choose right materials and texture for the bra. Choosing wrong materals can cause allergy and itching. So if choosing is so difficult, you might as well not to wear it.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      An interesting insight to why women don't wear bras, and also very true thanks for this hub.


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