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Why Nature Is Trying To Kill Us Part IV

Updated on September 30, 2008

The ramifications of this discovery are endless. For centuries, it has been an old wives tale that stress during the pregnancy can adversely affect the type of person the child will become. But like most other old wives tales, medical science had never taken it seriously. Medicine always believes that since it has been engaged in what can be called serious research for a couple of centuries at best, its knowledge bank is always right while the alternative body of information garnered through arduous human experience going back several millennia is always wrong. So what would an old craftsman with fifty years experience do to the young whippersnapper who has been apprenticing for a few months and started telling the old man how to do his job? Well, if I were the old craftsman, I’d give the brash youngster a good swift boot to the...

So maybe it’s time that some of medicine got a good buttkicking. Maybe it would wake some of these guys out of their slumber. But maybe not.

After all, what good would it possibly do?

Do you think that it would change their attitudes? Do you think it would remove their blinders? I strongly doubt it.

So to what can we attribute this astounding discovery, Dr. Researcher? Is it some brain chemical released by the combination of nicotine and labor stresses which warps the neuron transmission activity in newborn mind? Is it some compression of the skull through the birth canal that reacts with tar deposits within the cerebellum to trigger later psychotic episodes? Is it some transplacental smoke residue trapped in the umbilical cord that when left connected too long travels to the behavioral centers of the frontal lobes of the brain and modifies its structure?

Well, in a word...


Those three hypotheses are excellent examples of the kind of utter balderdash which medical science is so enamored of. It is virtually impossible for many of them to acknowledge that there is anything greater than the microcosm of biochemical reactions that they study so adamantly.

The fact that the smoking mother passes along to her child the spark of criminality is simply a continuance of the transgression. It is nothing more than the injury to humanity that must propagate itself in greater and greater damage.

For it is so abundantly clear to the mother that smoking would physiologically harm not only her, but her unborn child. Therefore, a form of punishment has to be set up. This punishment is not just a punishment of the self, expressed through a lung or throat cancer. Nor is it only a punishment of the child, through a genital malformation. The essence of nature is far too savvy to stop at just those simple, basic, direct casualties. The mother has violated an inflexible and unappealable ruling. Don’t pollute your body and your genetic material by inhaling the smoke of chemical-laden burning compost. Therefore, to follow the lucid and undebatable logic of nature, the punishment must not only be confined to herself or her child, but to the society around them

Every time that her child grows up to steal, cheat, batter, rape or kill, the spirit of nature is there. Guiding the hand. Driving the fury. Channeling the hate. It must make sure that the society pays for the mother’s crime. It is the society itself that must live in fear, it is the society which must be denuded, it is the society which must be maimed, it is the society that must be martyrized until it cries out in pain and anguish and terror.

For it is the society which is nature’s ultimate goal. The conglomeration of unnatural, synthetic, deviant, warped concepts which make humans pave over the cooling springs of a shady meadow in order to build a stifling monolith which then must be air-conditioned to be livable... that is the goal of this adversarial wrath. It is that blatant violation of logic, sense and reality which is an integral and indivisible part of human civilization which this adversary is dedicated to annihilating. Unlike us, it realizes that every step we call progress clearly and irrevocably diminishes the likelihood of our species surviving on this world. Every step forward is a step back. Closer and closer. To extinction.

We are not meant to be trapped within wheeled boxes in infinite queues.

We are not meant to stare at radiating screens while tapping endlessly.

We are not meant to mate capriciously, deprived of commitment and meaning.

We are not meant to drink and eat and drug ourselves to the satiation of our whims.

We are not meant to drown in seas of stress and smog and noise.

It is unnatural. It is wrong. It is immoral.

Thus the enforcer of morality steps in. Nature takes control. In a wonderfully ironic twist, it uses its own victims to further victimize their own society. Their own aggregation of unnaturalness, their own abomination of sins against their own biology, their own afflicted, infirm cancer of the earth. Their civilization must die. A slow, agonizing, hemorraging death.

It has violated the morality. Thus it must die.

The relationship between smoking mothers and criminal children is just one of countless other manifestations which cannot be physiologically linked in the cause-and-effect pigeonhole which medical science is so enamored of. It just pushes the limits of the envelope a little too far for most medical scientists. For they cannot and will not accept the concept of this natural adversary. They cannot and will not realize what is staring them right in the face. That they are trying to counter the nature of humanity itself. They are trying with their potions and lotions and interventions and surgeries to defy nature itself. For the adversary is nature. It is an integral part of the balance of the web of life. And as long as we insist in our myopic quest to stand apart from nature, to consider that the almighty force of our civilization empowers us to be transgress all the rules and regulations of life itself, then our natural adversary will just come after us harder and stronger, every day.


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